DJ Cable For iPhone, iPad

DJ cable

Griffin Technologies has introduced a new DJ Cable for iOS DJ app users:

Not just another splitter cable, our DJ cable is wired to enable the Split Output function in djay, and simultaneously hear both what the PA is playing and the track you are cueing up.

With Split Output mode enabled, djay sends the master output to the left channel, and the cue output to the right channel. This lets you cue songs through your headphones independently of the mix that’s going through the speakers. At the same time, you can hear everything that’s going on. No DJ would want to be without it!

The use of special cables like this with iOS DJ apps is a kludge – but currently necessary for many iOS-based DJ set ups.


  • Special cable for split output mode
  • Hear both the speaker mix and the song you’re cueing
  • Connectors for speaker system, headphones, and the audio jack of your iOS device

The DJ Cable is priced at $20.

13 thoughts on “DJ Cable For iPhone, iPad

  1. "Not just another splitter cable"

    From what I can tell that's exactly what this is, only $18 more expensive. Ripoff.

  2. Are you imagining some sort of amazingly laid out club that has a stereo sweet spot that all patrons of the club can fit in? Most clubs are mono due to the fact that people are standing all over the place.

  3. Asked this very question to Griffin support,”Gotcha, so it really is the same as a splitter cable though right?”

    That’s right. It’s basically a stereo male 3.5mm to mono female 3.5mm splitter. It takes your iOS devices stereo output and splits the left and right channel into two mono jacks.

    Have a great weekend!


    Support Technician
    Griffin Technology

    soo… just another splitter cable.

  4. glad the comment got deleted.

    I’m still waiting for someone, anyone, to explain what separates this from any other splitter cable.

    Often times its stereo summed to mono in a club, usually, so yeah Daniel, i’m completely imagining that you’re losing the entire other channel even though its a mono system. If you DJ in mono without summing to mono, well its not only your loss, but a disservice to the rest of the people in the club.

  5. You're all missing the point, it's a GRIFFIN splitter, cable, not just any splitter cable, but a GRIFFIN splitter cable.

    Man i hate griffin.

  6. True on the mono/stereo thing. Doesn't change the fact it's a $3..99 cable with no specific iOS functionality.

  7. dumbass, normal cables split one signal like the one in airports so 3 people can listen from on ipod but this cable splits the signal into one left mono signal for ur speakers and one right mono signal for ur headphones so u can use this to dj with without buying and external soundcard

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