Hollow Sun TriOSC For Kontakt Designed For Vintage Radiophonic Sounds

Hollow Sun has released TriOsc, a new sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt:

Styled on equipment retrieved from an ancient, disused rocket launch control centre, TriOsc features three oscillators with samples of valve sine and triangle waveforms taken from a rack of vintage test equipment to create dense clusters of retro sci-fi electronica.

Unique to TriOsc, is the ‘SERENDIPITY’ button (labelled ‘?’). Clicking this button generates new patches and sounds randomly designed to ‘evoke the spirit and electronic tonalities of the early Radiophonic Workshop’, ‘Forbidden Planet’ and other classic sci-fi movies, Morton Subotnick, Tristram Cary and other early electronic music pioneers. The randomly generated sounds can then be tweaked and shaped to your own particular needs.

According to Hollow Sun, TriOSC’s greatest strength is ‘the random creation of abstract electronic sounds which could have come from crusty analogue sound generators of yesteryear.’

It’s available now for $8. Audio demo and details below.


  • 48kHz/24-bit.
  • Advanced Retro Synthesis Engine.
  • Three Oscillators with valve sine / triangle waveforms.
  • Samples sourced from vintage test oscillators.
  • Multiwave LFO.
  • FM / AM modulation.
  • ‘Serendipity’ button for random patch creation.
  • Poly and mono play modes.
  • Portamento / glide.
  • Distortion, chorus, phaser, rotary and echo multi-FX.
  • Convolved reverb featuring vintage spring reverbs.

5 thoughts on “Hollow Sun TriOSC For Kontakt Designed For Vintage Radiophonic Sounds

  1. If you have Kontakt 4 this is a no-brainer at 8 bucks. When I spent hours just hitting that serendipity button and tweaking. The sine waves came from some old Hewlitt Packard test oscillators. This is not just for Forbidden Planet sounds.

    This is how software should be. Inviting experimentation, easy to use but capable of interesting new results.

  2. The demo song sounds more like Tangerine Dream. I wish the Emulator/Fairlight collection from Hollow Sun was as beautifully made. When it comes to graphics design and KSP scripting they probably outdid themselves with this one.

  3. Really good points. I have Kontakt and love it, but you're right NI and it's partners are wrong to stack the deck in their favor and make paid users suffer. I love the design and sound of their products, but I could write a book with the amount of instances they have caused me problems as a business. Install issues, the fact that their support doesn't answer about half my support requests, and take 2-5 weeks if they do respond, usually with nothing to offer as far as solutions. At least twice in the last year I've had to badger them to ship my goods, after my credit card was charged instantaneously. I can't even get my forum posts there to say 'NI Product Owner' after 3 separate requests. I just think it may make me look like a user of cracked software on their forum without the proper tag, because I own 80% of their product line. The telephone service people are generally snooty any time I've called them, which is the only way you can really get support from them.

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