Drum Kit – Kit Demo

The Drum Kit Kit is designed to let you turn an Arduino into a drum kit:

The kit contains the electronic parts required to make a drum kit, including the circuit board, resistors, diodes, and pins. You supply the Arduino and the material to make the actual drum pads.

Imagine playing your desk, lamp, and telephone, and rocking the cubicle!


  • 6x 1M (megohm) resistors
  • 6x Zener diodes
  • 4x piezo elements
  • 1x 2-pin Male header
  • 1x 6-pin Male header
  • 1x Drum Kit Kit printed circuit board

The Drum Kit Kit is $18.95 in the Maker Shed.

One thought on “Drum Kit – Kit Demo

  1. Sounds like the pads don't register velocity (i.e., they don't convert amplitude into a velocity value)– kind of a deal breaker for a pad played with sticks (for me, anyway). But I guess such a think could be useful for some unusual applications for contact triggers.

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