Free Korg Monotron Ableton Live Rack

Want another free Live Rack?

AfroDJMac is on it – sending word through the synth line straight to your eyeballs about a new Rack based on the Korg Monotron:

Hi brothers and sisters of Synthtopia,

So I love the Korg Monotron, it has a surprisingly huge sound from such a small piece of hardware. The problem for me is the ribbon controller. I can’t consistently hit the right notes!

So this week I have sampled my little beast of a synth, racked it up in Ableton, and now it is much more playable on a MIDI keyboard. It sounds huge and I have added some functions not possible on the original (attack, release, polyphony, glide…)

I hope you guys enjoy it, spread the word, and thanks for all of your support 🙂

You can download the Korg Monotron Rack from the AfroDJMac site.

And, if you like these free Live Racks that AfroDJMac has been putting together each week, leave a comment and let him know!

6 thoughts on “Free Korg Monotron Ableton Live Rack

  1. I haven't got around to getting your racks yet, but I recently upgraded to Live Suite, so I'll be using Live more again. I've followed your weekly releases and you've got some cool stuff. This looks great as I have a Monotron and of course have been a bit shackled with it's operation while at the same time loving the thing. Thanks for doing these AfroMac!

  2. I love my monotron – great idea to sample and rack it up. Seems like you did a fine job; downloading now. Totally digging your racks, dude. You are freaking prolific and I get a lot of ideas just watching the vids.

  3. The distinctive quality of the instrument is its filter, so by sampling it and using Ableton's filter instead it somewhat defeats the purpose.

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