Free App Like Propellerhead Reason For Android – Caustic

We’ve featured Caustic – a synth workstation/virtual studio for Android  – previously. It’s a free app that’s designed to be like Propellerhead Reason for your pocket.

The developer has released these demo videos, though, that demonstrate what Caustic can do.

You can download Caustic in the Android market.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!


  • 1x Virtual analog subsynth
  • 2x PCM synths (23 demo samples included)
  • 2x 303-like BassLine synths
  • 1x Sampling drum machine (9 demo kits included)
  • 1x Mixer desk with Delay/Reverb and 4 insert effects
  • 1x Song sequencer

Note: The current version is free; a commercial version is in the works.

22 thoughts on “Free App Like Propellerhead Reason For Android – Caustic

  1. I would try it but I have one of those ghetto French Archos tablets that doesn't have a Google license, haha. Oh well.

  2. I went to my Android Apps Market, entered Caustic, tried to download but keep getting the message " Not Found, The requested item could not be found " anyone else have this problem ?

  3. Hello, Caustic's dev here.

    The app requires an ARMv7 device to run because it's quite heavy on CPU use for processing, which is why it may not turn up for smaller phones.

    As for Archos, with a little Googling it's possible to find a version of the market for your device… search for "gApps Archos"

  4. I just wanna salute the CAUSTIC developers, since the draw-able wavetable really helps set your app apart (im looking forward to the commercial version, if the free version is that feature packed)

    On a related note, im curious to see the Sony S1 and S2 tablets, i think if they're well built and well priced, they could take a bite out of apple's tablet kingdom.

  5. @some guy: Developer … not developers. It's just me 😉

    I'm glad you enjoy the drawable wavetable, I think it's a good mix of fun and versatility.

    There is only one version on the market, you can preview the app as long as you want, but save/load/export are disabled until you purchase the full version unlock from within the app. I wanted to give everyone time to get to know my app before deciding if it was right for them.

    The app is lots of fun on tablets, but it's actually quite usable on phones too.

  6. Ah, my mistake, misread a line in the post. Also, it's kind of cool to know it's a single guy behind it, just kind of shift the view of CAUSTIC from something put out by "them" to something put out by that guy down the street.

    I dont suppose you've got any clues as to future CAUSTIC updates? (more wave-shaping options and/or effects could beef up the sub synth even further, making it quite delectable)

    One last note: Is a moderately well produced android music app review show something that the world needs? It's just been an idea i've had, since most music app demos of android apps have horrible audio.

  7. i can.t find the app or video. Great idea. I would love something like that on my nokia nuron phone.

  8. holy crap!! In a good way 🙂

    How much is full? Getting error when clicked buy button. Maybe its the updated market.

    Installed on Inspire 4g.

  9. best app on my droid X… whenever i'm away from my gear and i feel like making some noise i just fire up caustic.. hell i didn't even know it had wavetables… i've just been using the drum mahines and 303's and the mixer/effects

    hope google fixes the OS so apps can run without so much latency.. if they did there would probably be more amazing apps like Caustic available

  10. wikid app. just needs some tweeks an a sampler. also the seq need changing for the synths so you can drop loop bars instead of having to drop notes all the way through the track coz its to tricky on a phone. compressor need a signal indicator an well needs to work to 😛
    Also i think you should remove the reason like slider an just have a selector for each machine. to hard sliding up an down to each machne. If you need a graphic designer im willing to help.

  11. Holy fuck, I can not stop playing with this thing. I now have it on my Kindle Fire and on my Inspire phone. I looked and looked for some kinda music app for both forever but all I could ever find was that cheesy RD3, the 303 copy and a couple of other cheesy apps. They all sucked, bad and were just a waste of my time.
    I cant believe that Propellerhead was beat at their own game and I could see Propellerhead buying it because it emulates the progam so well. In fact if you are an avid Reason user u will be up and running right away. And, why Doesnt Image line Fruity Loops have an app that is a more serious version of the program. After getting this ap I will never complain about going shopping with the wife again.
    As far as latency, screw that shit, I must have an updated system or something because I hear almost no latency. Besides, if I was concerned, I wouldnt be using my freaking phone apps to make my noise with, that is just silly. Or, man up, buy a decent laptop and have fun lugging that shit around the mall, lol
    Buy it, its a blast, you wont regret it.

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