New Android Synth Workstation, Caustic Music Rack

Android Synthesizer Caustic Music Rack

Single Cell Software has announced Caustic Music Rack, a synth workstation/virtual studio, inspired by Propellerhead Reason.


  • 1x Virtual analog subsynth
  • 2x PCM synths (23 demo samples included)
  • 2x 303-like BassLine synths
  • 1x Sampling drum machine (9 demo kits included)
  • 1x Mixer desk with Delay/Reverb and 4 insert effects
  • 1x Song sequencer

The current version is free; a commercial version is in the works.

If you’ve used Caustic Music Rack, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

12 thoughts on “New Android Synth Workstation, Caustic Music Rack

  1. hitting the keys on it and there is still noticeable lag

    using a droid x

    i think almost ever music app on android lags… i think i read the reason was how the OS allowed the programs to access the kernal.. or something.. anyway.. fucking lag on all droid music apps is bullshit and it doesn't even have to be there

    they need to fix this

    or fuck it

    all the good apps on on the ipad anyway

    buyer's remorse? yup

    but this app.. it has other stuff too.. and sequenced stuff is fun… there is multi-touch so using the keyboard isn't bad if it is slower… vangelis like stuff… but the lag when playing is a bummer

  2. working brilliant on my desire s. Reports 50ms lag. So I just use the sequencer. Anyone who has an an android phone has to get this. The only decent music app for android.

  3. Agreed…..the latency sucks for playing along in real-time, but the sequencer helps in that respect (if you know how to use one…if not just youtube a few video tutorials). This is by far the best music app for the droid I've ever come across, though. Very fun and intuitive! I'll give it 5/5 when the huge latency issue is fixed….sittin' around 93 milliseconds on my droid x. It has the potential to be a seriously creative mobile tool!

  4. Pretty good! Thanks for the link. The latency is pretty good on my rooted Milestone running cyanogenised gingerbread. Not sure i have much use for it though.

  5. I am on the droid Incredible 2 and there is extremely low latency… then again, this is a very powerful phone. I have been using Caustic for over a month now and love it! Rej, the creator, has been very helpful with everything as well!

  6. Comes with a fully programmable virtual synth. You can even draw the waveforms for the 2 oscillators! 2 sample synths and 2 Roland TB-303’s, then a sample based drum machine, a mixer, effects and a piano roll/sequencer. Reminds one of a much easier-to-use version of Reason. Supports multi-touch. For everyone complaining of lag: It has nothing to do with the author of this software. It is an issue with the Android audio driver. It is something they will have to fix in a Android system update. I give this app a 5 out of 5. It is the music best app for Android.

  7. Holy fuck, I can not stop playing with this thing. I now have it on my Kindle Fire and on my Inspire phone. I looked and looked for some kinda music app for both forever but all I could ever find was that cheesy RD3, the 303 copy and a couple of other cheesy apps. They all sucked, bad and were just a waste of my time.
    I cant believe that Propellerhead was beat at their own game and I could see Propellerhead buying it because it emulates the progam so well. In fact if you are an avid Reason user u will be up and running right away. And, why Doesnt Image line Fruity Loops have an app that is a more serious version of the program. After getting this ap I will never complain about going shopping with the wife again.
    As far as latency, screw that shit, I must have an updated system or something because I hear almost no latency. Besides, if I was concerned, I wouldnt be using my freaking phone apps to make my noise with, that is just silly. Or, man up, buy a decent laptop and have fun lugging that shit around the mall, lol
    Buy it, its a blast, you wont regret it.

  8. I don’t experience any latency on the droid razr at all. Make sure you turn off all apps that are not currently used to free up memory. Anyway, I was banging out some beats on this thing while i was at a coffee shop and the sounds are pretty decent (even compared to IOS apps, cause i have nanostudio and imaschine on my ipad), and the tracks I made with Caustic are pretty darn good IMO. Needs to be mastered though so I am dumping this to my studio pc and go from there. Pretty handy app on the go! I would rather leave my ipad at home and use that when on vacation trips instead. Now i can go shopping with the wife and have her enjoy while i sip coffee at starbucks in the mall and lay down some ideas!!! I think sampling and midi are on the way for this app! Can’t wait…

  9. Years ago, I purchased Cakewalk Studio for $159.00 and fought with it and even got my geek buddy to help me understand how the damn thing worked. Did not get far with it. Got a samsung 10 tablet and discovered Caustic and went to heaven…I cannot get enough of this wonderful please excuse me..I’ve got music to make…..

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