Intermorphic Mixtikl 4.0 Now Available

MixtiklIntermorphic has released Mixtikl 4.0, the latest version of the multiplatform generative music lab & modular synth, available for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

V4 is a major free update to Mixtikl V2.x/V3.x and features live & inline editing of core Noatikl generative music parameters. With this release, custom generative music mixes, note patterns & modular syth sounds & fx can be tweeted as “mixtikls”. Tweeted “mixtikls” can also be enjoyed with Mixtikl Free.

Intermorphic has also revised the Mixtikl file format to include support for the additional Noatikl parameter customisations, including note patterns, which are included in the tweetable mixes. This means that truly unique mixes, arrangements, riffs and arps can be created and tweeted for others to listen to, enjoy, remix or edit, and even retweet. When the tweet link is selected on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Mixtikl installed, Mixtikl loads and the mix plays. When the tweet is selected on Windows or Mac PC with Mixtikl installed, the Mixtikl browser plug-in plays the mix.

A detailed feature mix for Mixtikl & Mixtikl Free variants is available at the Intermorphic site.


  • Mixtikl for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch is available in the Apple App Store? for $7.99 .
  • Mixtikl Free for iPhone / iPad / iPod touch is available in the Apple App Store for free .
  • Mixtikl for Mac & Windows desktop comprises a standalone version, VSTi and (for Mac users) AU plug-ins for music sequencers, and a plug-in for web browsers. The Mixtikl browser plug-in allows “mixtikls” to be played in a web-page. 30 day full-save trial versions for can be downloaded from, and $24.99 licences purchased from the Intermorphic store. Educational pricing is also available.

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