Roland Jupiter-80 Demo From Summer NAMM

This video, via HarmonyCentral, captures a demo by Scott Tibbs of the Roland Jupiter 80 synthesizer at the 2011 Summer NAMM Show.

The video quality on this isn’t great – but the demo features some more synth-oriented sounds, rather than the virtual instruments featured in Roland’s earlier Jupiter 80 demos.

3 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter-80 Demo From Summer NAMM

  1. Pretty cool that he's doing Tron music. The synth is a really good machine for a one man band or performing artists. It's a shame that they decided to use the Jupiter name, as many people have judged it so harshly on that reason alone. It seems the JX would have been a better name.

  2. It looks like this new 'Jupiter' suits best for one man organ bands performing in supermarkets or shopping malls.

    As foolschaos wrote, the name JX would a better name for this.

  3. I'm Not impressed. Sounds like every other do all wave table / modelling synth/workstation out there. I have several keyboards including some vintage Rolands. A JX3P, Juno 60 and a Jupiter 8. None of them have drums, sampled sounds, tons of effects or multitrack sequencers. But they do have their own sound character and were state of the art in their day. I don't think you can say that for a lot of the new gear today once you hit a certain price range. They all sound great. But somewhat the same. Of course certain new synths are, to me, still synths. Like the Prophet 08. It lives up to the Prophet 5 legacy in my book along with Moog's current gear. Roland apparently just tacked on the legendary name to their latest super keyboard. And don't forget the rehash of the retro looking Junos. If I want analog sounds I have real analog synths for that. I have some Ensoniq gear for workstation use. They were good too. I hate they are gone. I will add that Roland makes some very reliable synths. None of mine have ever failed to work. I'm a tech and have replaced the back up batteries and recalibrated all of them a couple of times over the past 15 years and that's been it. They Jupiter 80 does look pretty sharp however.

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