Meeblip SE Synthesizer Available Soon – Here Are The Details

Meeblip SE synthesizer

Developer James Grahame has released details on the upcoming Meeblip SE synthesizer – an updated version of the Meeblip open hardware synth. The design retains the basic interface of the original, with the addition of features that make it more powerful (like an adjustable PWM waveform) and easier to use (patch storage).

New Features:

  • Sixteen patch memories (accessed by tapping the save/load button and flipping one of the sixteen front panel switches)
  • Two envelopes – a dual-mode A/D or A/S/R amplitude envelope and an A/D envelope for the filter
  • Bandlimited oscillators (with optional raw waveforms, if aliasing is your thing)
  • Dual-mode PWM waveform on oscillator A. Select either a pulse wave with user-programmable width, or sweep the pulse width with user-programmable sweep speed
  • New triangle waveform on oscillator B
  • Filter envelope amount has been added to the front panel
  • Extended MIDI parameter control
  • A redesigned front panel
  • There are also a few board tweaks to reduce noise.

Meeblip SE will be available in two versions:

  1. A new front panel and pre-programmed microcontroller for existing MeeBlip owners — all the new features except programmable patch storage (there are no save/load switches on the original). Available August 8th for $25.
  2. New meeblip se hardware that includes patch save/load and midi channel buttons, power switch on the front panel, and an easier-to-assemble design (the I/O board now mounts directly to the back panel and connects to the main board with a single ribbon cable).

The Meeblip SE synth will be available in a few weeks for the same price as the original — $139, including multi-volt power adapter. See the Meeblip site for details.

3 thoughts on “Meeblip SE Synthesizer Available Soon – Here Are The Details

  1. very tempting….the front panel isn't as appealling as v1 but the many additional features more than make up for it

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