Audanika SoundPrism Hits 250,000 Downloads

Audanika Soundprism

Audanika has announced that its SoundPrism iPad music app has been downloaded 250,000 times.

That’s an impressive number for a virtual instrument with an interface that most musicians would have considered avant garde or experimental even a few years ago. 

Audanika has these goals for SoundPrism:

  1. We want to create musical interfaces that reduce the coding process: We assume that the better a musical interface corresponds to the musical imagination the less coding is required. Less coding means a better musical progress, more time for musical ideas, less practicing, more making music. Our dream is that one day anyone will be able to express their own emotions musically.
  2. We want to create musical interfaces that stimulate the musical imagination: A certain musical imagination can be the origin of a musical idea. Vice versa playing a new musical instrument can extend existing musical imaginations or create new ones. Our instruments shall have interfaces you have never seen before. By using them you are going to encounter completely new musical ideas.
  3. We want to create musical interfaces that motivate to think about musical logic, to improvise and to compose: Active music creation stimulates the linkage of the left and right brain hemisphere. The reason for that is that music creation is both, an intuitive and creative activity on the one hand and a logic thinking process at the other. If a musical instrument‘s interface is logical, it will motivate to think about music. Instead of memorizing patterns you will understand relationships and make better musical decisions.
Are apps like Audanika SoundPrism going to move concepts that were previously limited to ‘experimental musicians’ to the mainstream?

4 thoughts on “Audanika SoundPrism Hits 250,000 Downloads

  1. That guy deserves it. Soundprism is a truly original app and a really great way to play with chords. Its one of the rare IOS apps that can can be called a musical instrument and not a videogame music toy.

    Keep up the good work Audanika!

  2. Thank you for the mention, and thanks to the commenters above.

    Just wanted to add that SoundPrism is the work of multiple people, many of which do not appear in the videos, blogs or articles about SoundPrism or Audanika.

  3. well I downloaded it, the free version, and erased it
    perhaps the gui will change some day and inspire me
    but now, I dont like it, sorry
    but keep it up anyway 😉

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