Roland Jupiter 80 Synth Jam – Alnitak’s Jovian Dream

While most of the audio demos of the new Roland Jupiter 80 have focused on its modeling synthesis capabilities, a lot of readers want to hear its capabilities at more traditional synth sounds.

Here’s a synth jam that does just that –ย Alnitak’s Jovian Dream.

via Kobolnova:

This is trully a very powerful synthesizer!
I made this music today,i could not do nothing,with this mighty sound,this sound is sooo fat and strong,i pushed myself making a simple song of it!
I hope you like it!
I hope that the Next upload wil be:”Voyager”(soon)

19 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter 80 Synth Jam – Alnitak’s Jovian Dream

  1. Sounds like an Elka run through a Small Stone phaser. A good bread and butter sound but I'd love to hear something more out there in terms of synthesis capabilities (i.e. more than some massed sawtooth waves sent through a phase shifter).

  2. Spot the JD! That can do the swooshy lfo'd res filter and has four tones, but twenty years since its debut what is this 'jupiter' showing? (other than the keybed, buttons and pots are fresher)

  3. And I meant no disrespect towards that player or composer of course. The sounds were just too un-"super natural" for me. Everything I have heard from this machine thus far tells me that there is at least 1000€ too much in its price tag.

  4. I think the frustration we see (and that i personally express) is due to a couple of factors. We keep waiting for the hardware world to lunge forward, at least in some measure to catch up with the software instrument world. And Roland's offerings have been such a disappointment in recent years, with mediocre samples, interface design, dsp and hardware builds.

    I'd concede that this Jupiter 80 might have some improvements over the other Roland keyboards of the recent past. I'll also concede that the task of designing and bringing to market a real monster is not easy. But for the resources they have at their disposal being one of the biggies, there shouldn't be too much to complain about, AND we should be hearing something new and better. When it doesn't happen, most of us just say…. "The wait for the next big thing will continue."

  5. I own this synthesizer as wel,believe me(or not,lol)but really this synthesizer is massive sounding,there are some very huge and awesome sounds in it,and i also have programmed some sounds by myself today:it is a mindblowing synthesizer!
    if you do not own this synthesizer,just do not judge it to easy or to fast,buy it then(if you can)and check out yourself and if you do ywanna have a old used second hand Jupiter 8 synthesizer on ebay? you must think about pay 4000/5000 dollar!!
    Consider that before you judge this great and awesome new Roland!
    Nice video,i like it!

  6. Gleaned from elsewhere: articulations, acoustic emulations, nice effect algorithms. One for multi-instrumentalists then.

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