Fairlight & Fairlight Pro For iPad Get Free Updates

Fairlight Pro for iPad

Fairlight has announced free updates to its iPad music apps, Fairlight and Fairlight Pro. Both apps are virtual versions of the company’s classic 80’s sampling synthesizers.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

Features and improvements:

  • Sample your own voices from the microphone or line in (Pro feature)
  • Added metronome tick sound, controlled in song settings page
  • Improved Page R timing engine with lower latency and note jitter
  • Improved Page D performance
  • Instrument voices now have solo, mute and selectable pan and attack
  • Adjust the played start and finish segment of any voice
  • Collapse music keyboard on iPad, giving more room for content
  • Swipe music keyboard octave selector to start on any white key
  • Edit the titles of your voices
  • Edit the start and finish of any voice
  • Manage your subscription to the Fairlight Newsletter
  • Improved Settings page layout
  • Switches and sliders now have Fairlight look
  • The word “Player” removed from App icon
  • The version on Page 1 shows “Pro” if you have the Pro upgrade

Bug fixes:

  • Voices with the same title now don’t share audio
  • Fixed several display problems in the instrument editor
  • Improved handling of App interruptions – doesn’t lose audio
  • Fixed endless notes with certain MIDI keyboards that send zero-velocity note-on messages instead of note-off
  • MIDI pitch wheel now only bends the specified channel
  • Tilt-bend voices (eg FUZZGTR2) now play the correct note pitch in Page R
  • Page R: fix inability to play after sleep
  • Page R: fix loss of note display on wake with low memory
  • Page 3: fix wrong voices played after adjusting voice values
  • Fix problem where default instrument was reset to defaults on launch


Fairlight is $9.99 and Fairlight Pro is $49.99 in the App Store.

2 thoughts on “Fairlight & Fairlight Pro For iPad Get Free Updates

  1. Bout damn time. That Player icon was burning my ass. The main reason why i downgraded after i saw it on the last update. Little things like that get on my nerves, especially when i bought the app on launch. Bad enough i had to in app purchase while new jacks have a choice + got a "Pro" icon.

  2. It's important to move from being a 'player' to being a 'pro', and they must have recognized that this was a serious issue to address.

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