Rhythm Studio Now Available For $.99, Turns Your iPad Into A Techno Studio

Just in time for 808 day (8/08), Pulse Code has released Rhythm Studio – a virtual techno studio for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Rhythm Studio includes a virtual Roland TR-808 drum machine, TB-303 synthesizer, sample based synthesizer, XY style control pad, and mixer with FX.


  • Dynamic workspace full of awesome audio gear
  • Intuitive pinch, double tap navigation
  • Robust pattern and song sequencer
  • 3 easy methods to making your songs
  • Recreation of a classic drum machine
  • Recreation of classic synthesizers
  • Mixer
  • FX
  • X/Y style control pad

It’s priced at $.99 – which is just about a no-brainer.

The developer promises “This is just the beginning for Rhythm Studio. Future updates will include more unique synths and drum machines, along with the feature requests you want…ALL FREE! No in-app purchases!”

F*** yeah!!!!!!!  Whooo hoo!

Now Where’s the MIDI at?’ Anybody else want some MIDI on this? Or would WiFi Rewire be in order?

8 thoughts on “Rhythm Studio Now Available For $.99, Turns Your iPad Into A Techno Studio

  1. Just picked it up, generally a nice app! (for 99 cents you can't go wrong), can't wait to see what the future holds!

    Lets hope it holds the following: (my initial must have wishlist after playing around with it)

    – Better multi-touch controls, I can't tweak Cut-off & Reso at the same time (single knob 303 tweaking? nooooo), or play a note while adjusting release, adjust mixer channel volume on more than 1 channel at a time, or anything for that matter… At this moment, 2 fingers anywhere = zoom in/out/around your workspace, period.

    -useable intermediate zoom levels, say… see and use the whole mixer in one go instead of just the top(+fx) or bottom part?

    -Recording of knob tweaks, mixer levels, etc.

    -Sync of some sort, midi, WIST, WiFi, I don't care what, as long as it sends or receives something, I'll be able to integrate it somehow 😉

    Future-future wishlist: ability to add modules I wish to use, and not be limited to 1 x 303, 1 x 808, etc. (especially true for the sampler keyboard, tho we all know the usability of 2 x 303 ;-))

    Don't get me wrong, it's a nice app, but atm it feels a bit like Rebirth (minus automation, multitouch, etc). For a first release it is complete enough to play around with, price is awesome, just buy it already and see what the dev's have in store for us! 🙂

  2. The sounds included in the first synth are really poor (unusable in my opinion) and the knobs (tr808 and effects) don't respond as they should, even on a wide ipad screen. I think there's a bug when you put fx2 (ex : disto) on track 3 : the effect can be heard on the 303 (track 2) too .
    On the other hand, it's really cheap compared to something like rebirth so it's ok.

  3. I was playing around with this a lot last night and first thing this morning. It fits interestingly between Tabletop and technoBox2, but the UI is just about as tantalizingly annoying as Rebirth. It looks fun to grab, but, as pointed out by Syntax, there is no multi-touch. You'll spend a lot of time resizing and zooming when you meant to be doing something you could do in just about any other app. The knobs are also in rotary mode, which I find very odd, and no way to change that to linear, like other apps.

    That being said though, it is fun. As has been well documented, everyone needs a 303. The paradigm may be shifting further; to suggest that everyone needs a dozen 303 apps, because they all bring something different and it is nice to have variety. The rudimentary Sampler instrument's inclusion of a sustain brings some surprising breath to your sound, and the XY controller makes finding a new groove fast.

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