Rhythm Studio For iOS Review

disc-chord offers his take on Pulse Code’s new Rhythm Studio – a virtual techno studio for iOS.

Rhythm Studio includes a virtual Roland TR-808 drum machine, TB-303 synthesizer, sample based synthesizer, XY style control pad, and mixer with FX.


  • Dynamic workspace full of awesome audio gear
  • Intuitive pinch, double tap navigation
  • Robust pattern and song sequencer
  • 3 easy methods to making your songs
  • Recreation of a classic drum machine
  • Recreation of classic synthesizers
  • Mixer
  • FX
  • X/Y style control pad

It’s currently priced at $.99.

3 thoughts on “Rhythm Studio For iOS Review

  1. Here's the problem with Rhythm Studio – it uses multitouch events for zoom. Zoom should be a button otherwise it gets in the way and creates unintentional movement of panels half the time.

  2. Jaxian

    I'm impressed with what they've put in a .99 cent app – but the multi touch zoom is not what you expect to have happen and is annoying. You expect to be able to tweak multiple knobs at once.

    Double tap to zoom would work, too.

  3. Yea, I agree, double-tap to navigate would probably be best. There is a swipe function that is supposed to flow well with the pinch, but it was kind of iffy. Not being able to tweak multiple controls feels like it misses the point of the device.

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