BeatMaker 2.1 For iOS Now Available

Beatmaker 2 for iPad

Intua has released BeatMaker 2.1, an updated version of its mobile music workstation for iOS.

Here’s what’s new in BeatMaker 2.1:

  • Native iPad interface
  • Support for MIDI controllers through CoreMIDI, with MIDI learning and templates
  • Instruments parameters automations (LFOs, envelopes, pads settings, etc.)
  • MIDI export improved with Control Change (MIDI CC) messages
  • New Master track with volume, pan, and 3 FX slots
  • Audio input monitoring while recording
  • New “Note Repeat” mode
  • Pad copy & paste on the drum machine
  • Improved memory management
  • Info window for monitoring CPU, memory usage, battery and controlling the audio device
  • SoundCloud API now uses OAuth2
  • Reduce application binary size
  • Add support for bluetooth speakers and headphones (A2DP compliant)
  • Many improvements in every aspect of the application

BeatMaker 2.1 is available now for $19.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used BeatMaker 2, let us know what you think of it!

35 thoughts on “BeatMaker 2.1 For iOS Now Available

  1. The first BeatMaker was extremely buggy, then they decided to charge all over again for "version 2". Screw these guys.

  2. dalasv makes a point- Why couldn't Intua just tweak their first edition, opposed to having to reboot completely?

    IMO, for most iPad musicians, 20 bucks is a lot, considering that we have to pile on all the other apps we've purchased. Doing the math, I've probably spent upwards to US $150.

    Better scale- 20 dollars can buy me groceries for two weeks. I'd much rather eat than buy an app.

  3. What magic supermarket do you shop at? $10 per week for food means you have beat the system my friend, and should be rolling in dough. Personally I've paid more for crap at the flea market that didn't even work.

    This is a solid app that should be more than $1.99. Loads of good samples. Chop Lab is cool. The individual effects and track controls are a plus. On the down side the app is not all that intuitive and takes some time getting used to .

    My scale is it does more than my Roland SPDS that I paid over $500 for.

    1. Took me so long to save up my money to get a ipad, ipad2 came out. Had to sell alot of plasma to get it. Took months before I could to get any apps that were over 99 cents….

  4. The native iPad interface is a plus (wherefore art thou, Nanostudio?). It's too bad it doesn't sound any better. I own this and really want to like it better, but I can't get over the crap-tacular sounds.

  5. Played around with the updated BM2 on my ipad2, and I liked it. Much easier to navigate around and record now, and the interface has been improved a lot.

  6. i had version one for my iPod touch and then they release version 2 only for iPad and the people had bought the first version didn't get any discount or cross grade chance…screw them like they screw the people first trust in them work!!!

  7. Get a life, Intua already reacted on that problem and there will be an update 2.1.1 very, very soon.The problem only appears on iPad 3G's apparently… Wifi only iPads are not affected.
    Thank God 😉
    Overall, this update is HUGE and I am now really having fun using the app again.
    Well done, Intua!

  8. The killer for me was no native iPad interface. Totally skipped this app because of that, and I was surprised it took them so long to update for it.

  9. Well, when you work at a minimum wage gig, you learn what you really need, and can be very minimal.

    Anyhow, now I definitely would agree that this app is worth way more than $1.99 (or free .99 for others). However, I still don't really understand why they weren't able to offer a discount for former BeatMaker users, and instead forced everyone to reset, and rendered the original more or less redundant.

    Having mentioned that though, I don't really have as much interest in the app (BM1 didn't really do it for me) as much as their business model. Maybe I'll give this a shot, and do a comparison with NanoStudio or something. I'll skip groceries for a while.

  10. .. and even after 2 version, Beatmaker still can't do looping right. You have to "hold" a pad if you want to loop a sound..

    well, I guess its going to be in Beatmaker3 and I'll have to spend money again if I want to do this.

  11. I swear, this whole sense of entitlement within the community of iPad owners is embarrassing. If you can't or won't pay for it, don't. But don't disparage a company's products because they are trying to make money. Intua might not have developed a new version were they not able to charge for it. And I never hear PC or Macintosh-based software companies getting hammered for charging hundreds of dollars for updates.

  12. I paid $20 for a pizza last night. Big deal. I agree with you Robert, they owe people nothing. If people can't afford it then they obviously don't buy it. As a business owner, it is critical that I continue to make money. It is critical that I charge money for what I do. It is how I survive. As I tell my customers, in order for my company to exist and to develop new technology we must charge them money for what we do now. What Intua did was develop a completely new app that required resources that I am sure cost a lot of money. If you want them to remain in business, then pay them. If you don't, then support someone else.

  13. Are you kidding me? I did buy it and what I got was very buggy software. Then, instead of fixing the software that I paid them money for, they released a totally new app.

    If you think that's ethical, then go ahead and keep giving these people your money. I'm done! Obviously I don't want a company that abandons its paying customers in business!

  14. If your iPad is jailbroken, check out RetinaPad in Cydia. It enables the iPad to use a program's higher resolution resources when doing the 2x view. It works very well with Nanostudio, which is making the wait for native iPad support much better for me.

  15. First of all I understand why everyone is complaining about them releasing beatmaker 2 before fixing beatmaker 1. Although I’ve toyed around with it on the iPod touch and it seemed pretty okay. I only used the preset sounds though. Didn’t try anything difficult. What I dont understand is why people are complaining about this. Beatmaker 2 is the iPad daw we’ve all been waiting for. It is extremely awesome and does everything you would need it to. Also about the looping thing why not just put it on a pad and then sequence it so the loop starts at the beginning of every measure? That’s the way I’ve been using it. Build up keyboard and bass parts in argon using the 7 loops slots then audio copy then over to beatmaker sequence my drums over top then either add in some samples from some poly iOS synth(animoog) through audio copy and paste or from some of thesetups I’ve been making from samples.

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