Sampling With The Fairlight App For iOS

Fairlight’s Peter Vogel demos sampling on the Fairlight app for iPhone and iPad, with the help of some kitchen utensils.

See our previous posts on Fairlight for more info on the apps and also the new Fairlight CMI-30A keyboard.

The Fairlight app is available now in the App Store.

via FairlightInstruments

5 thoughts on “Sampling With The Fairlight App For iOS

  1. Has Vogel lowered the price on the 'pro' version yet?


    Easily the worst value for money in the entire app store.

  2. or… gee whiz,
    we already have sampling in GarageBand for the iPad.
    for $4.99.
    With full midi support.

    although… I do have a sft spot for anything to do with the Fairlight.
    when I win the lottery (more than $50+ the cost of the tickets), I will gladly purchase this app.
    Of course, I would buy it with no hesitation if it were, say a modest $19.99, period (with no lower priced version of the app).

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