Genome iPad MIDI Sequencer + Modular, Metasonix D1000

Here’s an example of using the new Genome MIDI Sequencer for iPad as a sequencer for a variety of drool-worthy gear, including a monster modular synthesizer & Metasonix D1000 vacuum tube drum machine.

Gear details below. 

via deadlover73:

Im using the Genome Midi sequencer for the iPad to sequence the modular synthesizer. The ipad is sending midi out thru the Alesis iDock to the Encore Expressionist for midi to cv conversion for the modular. The Metasonix D1000 is receiving its triggers from the 4MS Rotating Clock Divider clocked by ch 5 of the Genome app. Recorded into Ableton Live in one take.

2 thoughts on “Genome iPad MIDI Sequencer + Modular, Metasonix D1000

  1. Wow. I was surprised how good that sounded. Usually when people make music with a huge modular (at least the videos posted here) it does not fit my taste very well.

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