How To Get Free Ableton Live Upgrades For Life & A Trip To Berlin

Ableton is looking for some good software developers and they want your help.

They’ve announced that, if you recommend a software developer to them that gets hired, you’ll a free copy of Ableton Suite, lifetime upgrades and a trip to Berlin or NY.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

We’ve got some major projects in our sights at Ableton, and we’re on the lookout for talented and passionate developers to join our growing team. If you know someone who you think fits the description, then we want to hear from you.

Throughout September, we’re offering a free license for Ableton Suite (with lifetime free upgrades), along with a free trip for two to either Berlin or New York, to successful referrers of Ableton developers.

See their site for job descriptions and details.

One thought on “How To Get Free Ableton Live Upgrades For Life & A Trip To Berlin

  1. Not sure I like the new looks but I’m willing to give it a try 😉

    Seems the Abes are desperate for people to hire and I’m not too sure this bodes well for the upcoming releases. Heck, I’m not even sure this bodes good stuff at all. When someone got hired; is that due to him wanting to work for Ableton or to get a free ride from $somewhere_on_earth to either Berlin (wonderful city though!) or New York ?

    Small rant time: THIS is exactly why I think you should always carefully consider when buying software and make absolutely sure that what you like now is what you’d like best. Were Ableton to go t*u.. (you do the math :P) ok ok, bankrupt right now I wouldn’t like it (IMO the Ableton forum is the best there is) but it wouldn’t affect me either.

    That is; until I would need to replace my hardware but before that I would have found “different” solutions anyway. (warez are all bad and evil? suuure).

    But seriously; I think people should really keep this in mind with soft synths; WHAT IF.. the company you bought it from is lost ?

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