10 thoughts on “Mobile Electronic Music Making In Tuscany

  1. Should music making be easy and convenient? How connected do you feel to your instruments? How often do you practice the same instrument? What is your relationship to your music? Should music be made ‘on the go’ as many of these software and app developers imply? Would love to hear some opinions on these issues.

  2. I am tempted by this concept but I am having trouble moving to a mobile setup away from my existing setup that I have used for over 10 years.

  3. @thewholeheart
    nowdays good music means that you heard it (sounds/synthesis/structure-wise) somewhere before. that probably was always the case for popular music. but now that almost everyone can make music on the go, they want to have a standard – what should i do to sound good?. music software offers them an easy solution: you cant do much, the sounds we let you create end up almost the same, you just arrange them..

    music making is not easy (real music making). if it is easy then it’s not music at all 😉

  4. Is beauty not in the eye of the beholder? Why do we argue over the origin of music when in the end, you can appreciate and enjoy things from all sources? You may not like music made on mobile devices, but I think if you make a sweeping categorization like that, you’re just missing out.

    Thanks for sharing this video. It was obviously very meaningful to its creator, so I can find meaning and appreciate it as well.

  5. Ok, so an acoustic guitar is a mobile device too! People have been making music (and better stuff than this) on hillsides, not plugged into anything, for ages.

  6. All the haters here flapping their tired gums and only offering negative commentary should be so lucky as to be able to share something like this with the rest of us. Big up Gattobus!

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