Logic Pro X (Rumor Alert)

Logic Pro X

Japanese site Macotakara reports that Apple is finishing up work on a new version of its Logic professional audio software, Logic Pro X.

According to the report, Logic Pro X:

  • Discontinues the Soundtrack Pro component of Logic Studio with the update. This would mirror the move taken with the release of Final Cut Pro X earlier this year. Soundtrack Pro 3 had been offered with both Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio.
  • Logic Pro X is also said to fold some of the existing production tools such as WaveBurner directly into the core Logic Pro application.
  • MainStage, Apple’s software for bringing virtual instruments and effects to live performances, is reportedly set to be spun out as a separate standalone application.
  • ¬†Apple will not be incorporating a GarageBand-style user interface for the revamped application.

No details on availability or pricing for Logic Pro X are included in the report. 

Not especially exciting as rumors go, eh? What would you like to see in the next version of Logic Pro?

via AppleInsider

6 thoughts on “Logic Pro X (Rumor Alert)

  1. Uhm yea I’m still rock’n on Logic 8- is it bad I don’t really care what Apple’s doing with Logic? Logic 9 looked awesome but I didn’t want to give up my super solid stability for a couple of enhancements. Logic 10 meh……

  2. If the trend with their other apps holds true for Logic, we will see it with an interface update, and it will drop in price to $300. I love Logic, but I’d also love to see its UI cleaned up and modernized.

  3. I’m with cleaned up UI. I love Logic. It’s powerful as hell, but it also feels like a 20 year old application that has tweaked tweaked tweaked. I wouldn’t simplify and remove features the way Apple did with Final Cut, thereby ruining a good piece of software, but I would organize and tidy. There are certainly lessons to be learned from Ableton’s Live, not that I want Logic to become some sort of Live clone.

    Also, make it easier to apply a per-track arpeggiator.

    1. “20 year old application” is exactly right! Many elements of Logic 9 are the same as they were when I first used it in the early 90s (version 1.7!) The environment, the layout, and the clunky “tool” that you need to manually change all the time. The “tool” should be contextual… if I click on text, change the text. If I click on a waveform, let me edit it. If I click on the region header, let me move it, etc. Feels so, so clunky after all these years to manually pick a pencil or sciscors! I’d also like to see some contextual menus instead of the deep, clluttery ones it has now. And something like Maya’s radial pop up menus would be great in certain areas.

      1. Logic has had a “smart tool mode” for a few years: There are different zones depending where you click that automatically give you a certain tool. I don’t use it (just like I don’t use the Smart Tool in ProTools). I prefer using a keyboard shortcut to switch tools to the specific one I need.

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