FL Studio For Mac OS X (Sneak Preview) – Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

Image-Line is working on FL Studio for Mac OS X and is looking for beta testers.

That’s right – FL Studio for Mac OS X. Did hell just freeze over?

Here’s what they have to say about it:

We have been working with CodeWeavers for the past year or so in developing a special version of FL Studio that runs in a customized Crossover wrapper (a Windows emulator/wrapper). This means that you DON’T need anything else (like a Windows installation, Boot Camp or CrossOver) to run FL Studio on Mac OSX. Just install FL Studio using the supplied .dmg and away you go!

We are now looking for experienced FL Studio users as beta-testers so if you have been a customer for 2 years or more AND have access to a Mac for testing, please reply below to have your name added to the list.

See the Image-Line site for details.

141 thoughts on “FL Studio For Mac OS X (Sneak Preview) – Did Hell Just Freeze Over?

      1. well, if it’s running in crossover firstly it’s nothing new aside from image line telling people they have a ‘mac osx version’. Which is isn’t, as it won’t use your vsts/au’s on your macs plugin directory.

        1. yep as I thought – from the site:


          – This version of FL Studio does not support Audio Unit plugins. (PC) VST and FL Studio native only.
          – 3rd Party VST plug-in compatibility needs to be tested on a case-by-case basis (please report).

          this is nice for windows fl users who also have a mac and want to be able to share projects across platforms but there are so many more stable, compatible daws available on osx.

  1. It’s a wrapper… wine…

    Think not native…

    Think latency… think… wrapper… think additional processing…

    Think 32 bit… no 64 bit…

    People have been using wine and crossover for a couple of years, it’s nothing new and it’s not native OS/X. This kind of false advertising belongs on FOX Network and other garbage media sites.

    1. “It’s a wrapper… wine…

      Think not native…
      Think latency… think… wrapper… think additional processing…”

      wine. is. not an. emulator.

      in wine, windows dll’s run Natively .

      the windows dll’s are fooled into thinking they are in windows and all of their calls are passed on to unix analog’s.

      calling wine an emulator is a gross misunderstanding of what it does and shows why the acronym exists.

      “Think 32 bit… no 64 bit…”

      there is a 64 bit wine and a 64 bit fl so no wories there either.

      “People have been using wine and crossover for a couple of years, it’s nothing new and it’s not native OS/X. This kind of false advertising belongs on FOX Network and other garbage media sites.”

      on that sir, you are correct!!!!

  2. Kind of worthless if it’s hit or miss on plug in support! Like the “free” Presonus Studio Lite, which doesn’t support any plug ins at all.

    This is exactly the kind of approach that has killed off a lot of Mac products. Release something half-assed, nobody buys it, then conclude that Mac users didn’t want the product.

    1. This seems less like a Mac release than a kludge for PC users that want to get MacBook Airs for mobile use.

      Can’t see this winning over new Mac uses.

  3. It’s open for beta tester registration through image line’s forum. The limitations that they posted are due to it being beta. they’ll need testers to work out all the kinks just like any beta testing program.

    crossover is besides the issue… i can’t really comment on crossover working with rewire to various daws or having the functionality of edison’s drag and drop sample, but i’m assuming that wouldn’t work across platforms when hosting FL in Live or Logic.

  4. “i can’t really comment on crossover working with rewire to various daws or having the functionality of edison’s drag and drop sample.”

    well drag and drop has been working from Edison to guru on my Linux box,

    also while rewire may not work, . j.a.c.k. will.

  5. I have a Macbook pro with FL studio 10 and Crossover pro. I have been a big FL User for a while but also love OSX and just bought both crossover and FL to see how well it performs on a mac. I am surprised and disappointed how laggy and slow it performs. But in this video it looks like its performing flawlessly. I would love to be a tester.

  6. Hi i have a mac pro and i have been using Fl studio for 1.5 years on a virtual VM Ware, but now i really need to try fl studio with out and virtual program, just wanna run it directly on my mac pro. it will be the worlds best DAW software ever.!

    i,m ready to try it on my mac pro.



  7. i have used fl 8 9 and 10 on my window bought a mac some few months and all i wish is fl studio a really mac version a good dmg like pro tools nuendo i love working fl studio and i wil love to test it and give a full feed back with video every thing and thankx any way i hope we can really get fl studio on mac

  8. I’ve been a FL user for quite some years now but i lost contact the moment i started using mac but its now great to hear this pleasant development. pls i’d like to test it as welll. thanx

  9. I’ve been using FL Studio for a few years now. I have been waiting for it to come out on mac since I got it. I have had to keep my old Dell just so I could operate FL studio.

  10. I have been a FL user for 4 years and am a Mac user who has a PC specifically for FL.

    I would be privileged to be a beta tester. Please send me more info!

    Thank you.

  11. Hello! I would be very interested in being a beta tester. I have been using FL Studio for almost 10 years now, and I now only use a Mac.

    My company also develops for Apple, so I am used to sending out bug reports, comments, etc.

  12. hello, I would like to be a tester. I have been using FL studio 9 for about 2 years now. I have recently switched to a MacBook Pro & would love to be able to test. thanks a lot!

  13. I’ve been using FL studio since like 11th grade, so i think thats like 4 years. I have to test, like i HAVE to. I’ve considered selling my macbook just cause it couldnt hold fl studio. Please can i test please!

  14. Id love to! Ive been writing on FL for a year and a half and my pc died not long ago. Im running on a mac now and would be more than happy to test the program.

  15. I’ve been working with Fl Studio for a while on my PC with various plugins, learning everything there is to know with the DAW. I would love to beta test, consider me qualified!

  16. I DEFINITELY NEED THIS! SOON! VERY SOON! Ive been working with FL Studio for about 2.5 years & Im tired of having to restart my mac, HOLD ALT, and switch over to windows -______-

    this would be so amazing!
    Put me on that list!

  17. I’ve been working with to studio since its been called fruity loops and I’ve recently transferred to a mac computer. I would love to know when this software is available.

  18. I recently became a MAC user and i absolutely love it.There is just one thing missing,and that is having FL Studio on a MAC.If i had that,my life would be complete! It would be a privilege to test it,Cheers!

  19. I’ve been using FL Studio for the longest. Converted to a Mac and was devastated to see such an amazing product wasn’t available. Tried other software and realized only FL Studio could match my desire for musical creation.

  20. Interesting. I have been using crossover for years to host win32 reaper and a few Win32 VST’s on my mac. It does work with about 75% of programs I have tried. I didn’t know Codeweavers was coming out with a wrapper product, that is interesting, I wonder how many others will step in line for that. Interesting way for them to leverage wine.

    As others have said, when running a win32 app under wine or crossover, you’re still running win32 code, so only win32 plugins will work. However, I want to say that with my testing it has been VERY good performance, there is no noticeable latency or jitter or anything like that. The code is running direct on the CPU, no VM involved at all. There is an AISO thing floating around the net called JackWASIO which is basically an AISO driver the loads into the win32 side and communicates with JackOSX. Midi is seamless over IAC.

  21. Hello I have been using fl studio on pc for a while and I just switched to Mac it would be awesome if I could test it out and give you input on it

  22. Hello, Ive been using FL Studio since version 3. I recently bought a Mac Book Pro because I’m enrolled at Full Sail University. It would be my honor to become a tester.

  23. I wish Image Line would just bite the bullet and recode it in language native to both Win and OSX (and Linux). This is not a solution, it’s a glorified Windows wrapper.

    I’ve had a minor debate in the past with the FL programmers and it’s basically down to the fact they don’t wanna take the time to code it. Yet at the same time, they both admitted that they went through a recode with Deckadance to make it cross-platform – and also that an FL recode would allow them to remove and rectify “mistakes” in the program that can’t currently be removed.

    I suggested before that they could just build upon the Deckadance platform with the piano roll sequencer and add the other features/layout in. I even offered to put a team together to do it myself. They never had a response. It’s not my intention to be a troll, but it’s massively frustrating that a popular DAW isn’t on the platform considered to be the music/creative industry standard. Even more frustrating when they pretty much admitted that it’s doable. Why they can’t let go of Delphi, an obsolete and horrendous language, is mystifying…

    1. I am an avid FLStudio user since 2008– I am interested in becoming a beta tester. I’m currently running a 2.3GHz Mac mini.

  24. I have worked on FL Studio for over 3 years, and would love to test out a mac version. I have a purchased version of FL Studio 10 running through crossover, and i want to see if it is any different. PLEASE SEND ME A DMG 😀 THANK YOU

  25. Ive been using FL studio for 4 years now, and I would absolutely love to have it on my mac, being that im getting rid of my pc! Send me a trial plsssss

  26. hello! i have tried to comment on the image line forum, i have been a fl studio for 8 or 9 years now, and am DESPERATELY trying to get fl studio on my mac. please help! Fl studio is my primary choice for softwarre on my PC would love it on my MAC.

  27. This is the most anticipated thing for me since I was 14 years old!!…I don’t think many people will understand how i am feeling at the moment. I am lost for words! THIS IS LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!
    (I have actually dreamed about this moment! LOL)
    Fruity Loops is the FIRST DAW that i used at 14 years old (I am 20 now). I made most of my trial and error-no-sleep-before-school-the-next-morning projects on FL Studio and i can honestly say that FL Studio is the milestone in my life that made me decide; “This is what i want to do in my life!”.

    It would mean THE WORLD to me if I could be a part of this beta trial!
    I currently own a intel processor iMac.
    PS: I’ve missed Fruity Loops SO MUCH!! <3 Thank you Image Line for finally bridging the world of MAC and PC DAW's!!!

    Best regards, Jordan

  28. Hi! I’d love to test the beta. Been waiting for several years!!!!!! Been using FL for 6 years constantly, please send me a file and I’ll get back to you guys.

  29. I have been using FL Studio since 2009, and I produce dubstep and DJ throughout my town. I would really love a copy of FL Studio for OS X, It would be much appreciated and much used.

  30. i need this. i currently bought windows and im running it through bootcamp and i cant get passed 1 minute without the thing freezing on me i would love to test this out this is what i need to be succesful

  31. They abandoned it. It had too many bugs, as they use Windows-exclusive code for pretty much the ENTIRE program. Really is a shame. I really wanted FL Studio for my Mac Pro…. 🙁

  32. Please let me test flstudio I had flstudio for about 10yrs I own an iMac I even built a pc just for flstudio whatever you do please put it on a Mac RIGHT A WAY MY GOODNESS THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE AWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEESOME.

  33. I have used FL Studio on my pc for about 3 years and have produced some of the best music. However, I just switched to a mac and would love to test it on mac!

  34. I LUV DA FL STUDIO, xD but no seriously I’ve been a producer with it for over 2 years now and it’s my go to program, ableton just isn’t the same, so I’d love to beta test if you could send it to my email or something

  35. It’s been a while now, any news on this? I want to try my hand at EDM, and I beleive FL would be the best tool for this. Logic (and for that matter, Garageband) is too much bent toward studio work with audio streams as opposed to just plain songwriting…

  36. letting me try out the fl studio would be great i had a beats fl studio on my other computer but now switch to mac e mail me !!! It be straight great!

  37. i’m using macintosh and i loved fruity loops very much but since i’m using macintosh i’m lossing creativity to make beat with easier fruity loops, please send fruity loops for macintosh i need it

  38. please…can i have this version of fl studio on my mac?
    i search this apple version from many year….
    thx Image-Line


  39. At last there is some care for the Mac community. I love to be a tester, have been using it since version 3. Please sign me up. Cheers Vin :))

  40. Fruity lover since way back! (: been dreamin of producing on my mac, there’s one reason for me to own a second computer (pc). Fruity loops (:

  41. I recently just got a MacBook Pro, and I would love to be able to use FL Studio. I’ve been using FL on a PC lately and after the switch it’s like impossible to obtain it. Please Help

    1. I have been using logic and ableton live for years I recently just got live 9 and am enjoying it but I’d love to give FL a try on mac as well

  42. I have been using Ableton Live for a while and would really like to try FL, only reason I haven’t purchased it is cause it doesn’t run on Mac natively. It would be awesome to be able to beta test this.

  43. Damn, I think I tried this already.
    FL Studio is my DAW of choice… Been using it since I don’t know when. pre 5.
    5 Was the version that supported audio recording and routing through the mixer I believe?
    Been a while.
    I love it. I recently had to buy mac, because of my Work, and would like to see a fully functional versatile version on mac. This wrapper stuff was kinda quirky if I remember correctly … who know maybe its improved or am I missing something?

  44. I used FL Studio for years (since version 3). I then moved over to Mac (bought Bootcamp to continue running FL) however FL became painfully unstable in this environment. I gave up on FL and started using Logic. I miss FL and have been waiting for the real MAC version to come out.

    I would like to be a Beta Tester.

  45. I had been using FL Studio for 4 years before purchasing a macbook this past Fall. It is my only regret of the mac and would love to have FL Studio instead of a Windows emulator. I would appreciate the chance to be a beta tester for FL on OS X.

  46. Would love to be a beta tester! I have been using fl studio for a couple years! I am trying to figure out how to run it on my MacBook without having to install bootcamp.

  47. Is this beta testing still going on?

    I am very interested on taking this opportunity to my new Mac Mini. I am a PC producer and learning to become a MAC producer. With my talent of producing I am here to serve Christian Artists with different quality and different sounds. Please contact me on how I can get a hold of this FL Studio Copy for Mac Thanks! AND GOD BLESS IMAGE-LINE!

    Andrew Ramirez
    -Because of JESUS Productions-

  48. I’ve been waiting for it to long. this is the DAW i have started years ago but since moved to MAC did realise can no longer using same way .Feel like i gonna cry so emotionally touched 🙂
    Yeah Im on please send me beta

    regards Seb

  49. Hi

    We have been FL Studio users for the last 3 years on Mac running it through Crossover. Luckily our soundcard works with it. But I do feel we struggle with CPU. FL Studio runs out of CPU.

    We have been releasing since August 2012.

    If we could get our hands on a Mac version, it might make life much simpler.

    So please send us a Beta tester.

    Here are our details:
    * http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-MicadE/350669915374
    * https://twitter.com/TheMicade
    * http://soundcloud.com/themicade

    Check us out if you like.


  50. That really looks amazing !!
    please add my name ,
    i started making music on ” Fruity Loops 3.1 “……… about 12 yr ago
    and i fell in love with it ( there was no you tube to learn , only pdf ) 🙂
    now im stuck with logic and tried ableton , Reason , Cubase …. but nothing really compare to FL Studio ,
    for me is a dream ,
    thank you.

  51. I have a Mac mini in my studio and would live to test out Fl Studio. 8ve been making instrumentals for 3 yrs now on Fl studio. Have made over 300 beats and my pc just went kinda dead for a second.

  52. Recently switched to Logic Pro X from Fl, but I’m just waiting for the day Fl becomes Mac compatible. Would love to be apart of the beta!

  53. Put my name down for the beta tester of this software, i would like to test and see what I can do to help make it the best DAW or at least have it become one of the industry standard DAW software right up there with Apple Logic Pro and Avid Pro Tools for I have both and I personally like Pro Tools better then Apple Logic Pro. So, please send me an email conformation as to be a Guinea pig to help make your software better.

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