22 thoughts on “Caption This! The Keytar Babe With A Monster Edition

  1. When the Fukushima reactor breaches occurred, some people suffered more from radiation exposure than others. A few were physically mutated; others fell prey to keytar playing.

  2. Tomoko had a great time trying out for lead keyboardist of Gwar! But sadly lost out to an over-enthusiastic teletubbie-gremlin hybrid that could toot screeching arpeggiated leads out of his bum.

  3. Monster: “MMMMMMM…That’s it! That’s the key peoples’ bones resonate at when I bite through them”
    Synthbabe:”You’re so evil, but I like you. This keytar you bought me rocks! Red is my favorite color!”

  4. Now comes in warrior muppet red–order now get a free Miami Vice Blazin’ blue blazer and full size plush toy (fine print, asian schoolgirl extra)

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