3 thoughts on “How To Circuit Bend A Roland TR-505

  1. That was great!! I think it takes some patience to find which points do what. I’m really impressed that the circuit seems sturdy enough to handle all of what you threw at it.

  2. Hello.very compliment for the work of tr 505.
    I would like to change my tr 505 but do not know how, could you give me what can I do?
    Thank you very much.

  3. The burnkit website comments are broken but i though this could be useful for someone so i will paste my comment here.

    The triggers mentioned in this article are not very well suited as triggers, looking through my oscilloscope I see that they are more sawtooth formed than trigger formed and the voltage drop as tempo increase which may cause instability in some systems, especially as the voltage is a bit low already for using it as a trigger (less than 4 volts, under 3 at high tempo)

    If you are looking for a clock trigger out you can find that at the large roland chip (IC 3) on the 10th pin north from the southeast corner, marked on the pcb with a small arrow.
    This is a 5V trigger out that is adjusted with the tempo knob, I need 10V trigger so i built a small preamp to boost the signal.

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