New Modular MIDI Controller Modules From Livid (Sneak Preview)

Saturday Synth Porn: Livid shared this sneak preview of their upcoming line of modular MIDI controller modules, built into a custom controller, created for Sound Tribe Sector 9.

The MIDI controller modules fit in a standard Eurorack enclosure.

Livid’s modular MIDI controller modules look like they could be a great option for modular synth owners, in addition to being an interesting new option for general MIDI controllers.

Availability and pricing is to be announced.

Check this out and let us know what you think!

5 thoughts on “New Modular MIDI Controller Modules From Livid (Sneak Preview)

  1. Another homerun, really nice. Didnt know you cold make music without a DAW lol. One thing though, does everything they make have To be built with fucking fair trade plastic buttons or perfume free certifiable organic metal? maybe throw us poor people a bone, and I don’t mean DIY like on their site. Fuck that. I ended building an ain’tnome with my arduino kit before I had to blow it up with mildly strong TNT from Mexico. Actually that was fun

  2. AWESOME, what took so long, i want a custom midi set-up that joe shmo doesn’t have..hope it isn’t to expensive….

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