Pro Tools Bootcamp

Brent Heber, who’s worked for Digidesign for the last 6 years, shares his keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools. The first part looks at navigating and zooms.

The second part, below, dives into shortcuts for making selections without a mouse – mainly using the tab key and modifiers.

The third video in the “Editing bootcamp” series focuses on keyboard shortcuts for editing clips in Pro Tools and auditioning the start and end of selections.

The final video in the “Editing bootcamp” series is devoted to keyboard shortcuts in the PT edit window.

This video demonstrates nudging region alignment and nudging the duration and contents of regions.

via Brent Heber

One thought on “Pro Tools Bootcamp

  1. This is just what I need, I just finish downloading all videos from vimeo so I can start my boot camp tomorrow. I was looking to get pro tools demo as well but from what I can see there is only some old version, which is not compatible with my win7. Looking forward for more videos, though.

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