Favorite New Patches In Propellerhead Reason 6

Does Propellerhead Reason 6 deliver some inspiring new sounds and sound-mangling capabilities?

Propellerhead product specialist James Bernard¬†shares his thoughts on the subject in this video, which features a sampling of the music he’s been making with the new patches in the Reason 6 sound bank.

This file is also downloadable in Reason’s demo song format. If you’re trying out Reason and want to see these patches and sequencer clips up close, you can get it at the Propellerhead site¬†(.zip).

See this previous post for a guide to what’s new in Propellerhead Reason 6.

14 thoughts on “Favorite New Patches In Propellerhead Reason 6

  1. Inspiring, yes. But quite frankly I don’t hear anything which wasn’t already possible to create with the previous Reason versions. Stuff has become easier on some aspects (referring to the new sound effects) but new ? I wonder…

  2. I’m a bit distressed that the controls for everything are so crude.
    All settings have just 128 positions across their whole range. Everything is done in increments. Sometimes the steps are too wide, I like to fine-tune.
    Delay time for instance. Or rate of an LFO.

    This goes for all Reason versions of course. Been playing a bit with an old freebie R4 lately, thinking I should get the new version. Not sure yet, haven’t quite gotten into the workflow. And there’s the slightly crude fine-tuning…

  3. Man, what a bad roll out of this they did. I got up this morning excited to run over to Manhattan and grab a copy…Tekserv doesn’t have it, B&H doesn’t have it, J&R doesn’t have it, Guitar Center doesn’t have it…I’m sure there are other places I’m forgetting but damn if none of those four have it on launch day, wtf?

  4. I think the upgrade might be download only. But you wouldn’t want to get in the store anyway, because online, it’s pay what you want. You could get the upgrade for a dollar if you wanted.

    1. Yeah, but what if you are buying Reason for the first time? Or don’t have Record? I guess they want you to go and buy Record and then pay $1 to download Reason 6? Meh, too messy, I’ll just wait, but they better hope I don’t get tempted to waste my little 200 dollars gear money on Komplete 8 upgrade instead! Not to mention if Logic Pro X drops anytime between now and then it obviously gets priority over any other upgrades.

  5. Alot of what I heard in that was very stock standard stuff that hundreds of other pieces of software are capable of doing quite easily.
    But the stuff that wasn’t stock standard sounded quite interesting.

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