Yonac GhostGuitar Takes iOS Into Kinect Style Augmented Reality Territory

Yonac Software sent word to us of GhostGuitar – a new app for the iPad that takes the device into Kinect style augmented reality territory.

We’ve previously featured a variety of Kinect music hacks that explore the ‘augmented reality’ potential of the device.

GhostGuitar is a music game for iOS that explores similar territory, creating a virtual ‘air guitar’ that can actually be played – at least at music game level. 

To play GhostGuitar, a user moves his or her right hand to strum or pick and left hand to “fret” a chord. GhostGuitar has several added features including GhostBand auto-accompaniment, GhostMic vocals, effect stomp boxes, and more.

The app also allows users to record videos of themselves playing the virtual guitar and easily share their creations on YouTube.

“We had a lot of fun combining cutting-edge computer vision technology with one of our favorite rock instruments,” says GhostGuitar designer and guitarist, James Yonac.

GhostGuitar is like most of the Kinect augmented reality hacks that we’ve seen – fun for music games, but not really musically useful. We’ll be interested to see if iOS music app developers can take the potential of the device’s cameras further.

GhostGuitar is available on the App Store for $1.99.

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