iMaschine In-Depth

This series of official tutorial videos demonstrate how to use Native Instruments iMaschine, a new $3.99 beatmaking sketchpad for iOS.

The first video, above, takes a look at sketching out a beat on iMaschine.

The next tutorial explains how to work with the keyboard, note repeat function,
velocity page, mixer, and effects in iMaschine.

This tutorial explains how to record short one-shot samples to the pads,
and how to record a longer vocal loop using the built-in audio recorder

This video explains how to export your iMaschine project to Maschine or
Maschine Mikro to further arrange and finalize your track. It also shows how to directly upload your track to Soundcloud, how to import your own samples and more.

This last video, which we’ve featured previously, features Jamie Lidell performing an iMaschine version of his track A Little Bit More while relaxing in bed. The video gives an idea of what iMaschine is really capable of. The entire performance was done live in one take, with nothing pre-recorded, and no post-production edits made to the song.

8 thoughts on “iMaschine In-Depth

  1. I have downloaded it this morning and i have to say: good job. An ipad version would be nice but as an iphone sketch pad it works perfectly. There is quite a lot under the hood when it comes down to different sounds but it does lack a poly-synth like “Eden” that you get with Nanostudio. What impressed me the most is the sampling. It’s very easy, immediate and flexible. Also everything looks very slick and the controls are laid out simple enough for even the biggest dunce to get into it. Another thing i like a lot is the size of the controls. My main complaint with Nanostudio is that some controls are tiny. (Nanostudio is the only other daw app i own, so i can’t say anything about the others)
    For only 4 Euros it’s a no-brainer. Add a good poly-synth and it’s unbeatable.

  2. I have been playing around with it for a little while longer now and i really have to add that comparing this with Nanostudio is nonsense. Nanostudio is much more complete as a daw app than imaschine is. Imaschine really is a very luxurious sketchpad. It is not a daw made for making complete and complex tracks like you can do in Nanostudio.
    But it is a fun app nonetheless, good value and good fun.

  3. I’ve just bought it and messed around with it and I think it’s great for getting little grooves together. I don’t need to be able to finish a beat on my iphone, because I can add to it in my Maschine. I think that great integration, and equally I can add my own samples to IMaschine. Crazy!!! I could easily chop up a sample on my Maschine export as wavs then when I’m on a lunch break at work do some patterns. When I get bk home upload and finish the beat. To me, that’s exciting! Regarding iPad version, no real need as I’ve just used on my iPad2 and just scaled it up. Graphics are not too bad and the functionality was the same. 5 stars and I can’t wait for updates.

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