iMaschine Review – ‘The Future Of Music Is Now’

This video, via colesbrandon, is a review of the new iMaschine, by Native Instruments.

This isn’t a Nick from Sonic State style review, though. It’s more of a ‘I made my first video review at 2:30 in the morning in a wifebeater t-shirt because iMaschine is the future’ style review.

Get beyond the chopped-off head and camera sound, though, and this video gets to the core of what iMaschine is all about. With $200 for an iPod touch and $5 for iMaschine, you’ve got a mobile music production workstation. And that’s going to open things up to a lot of people.

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20 thoughts on “iMaschine Review – ‘The Future Of Music Is Now’

  1. It cant be too much of the future of Music while still using samples….

    The future should be synthesis, it way much lighter than samples, more flexible, can sound just as acoustic as a sample and can also sound like nothing you´ve heard before…

    Its just an mpc on an ipod.


        1. I hate to be the smart ass but the statement, that synthesis can reproduce EVERY kind of sound only works on a theoretical base. Thanks to Fourier we know that every cyclic waveform can be split into a sum of since and cosine. But even additive synthesis remains just an approximation, since most natural sounds would require an infinite amount of sine and cosine. So if we would try to synthesize a natural sound using any additive synthesizer, the result would maybe sound pretty similar, but if we would analyze it in detail it would still be slightly different to the original sound. And it gets even harder for waveforms that are non-cyclic (meaning, everything that goes in the noisy direction)…

          1. Wendy Carlos did some great synthesis of traditional instruments in the 80’s. I think it was using an additive synthesizer. But in the end, it was still obviously synthesized.

            Point being – additive synthesis can match any sound in theory, but it’s not very practical, or even an especially interesting use of the technology.

          2. Umm, isn’t this all about a dichotomy that doesn’t really exist? Sample editing and processing IS a form of synthesis, and synthesis based on recorded sounds has been around for quite a while.

            Of course most FM versions of classical orchestra instruments are not much like real violin/piano, but neither are wood-and-guts instruments much like the human voice (which they often were designed to imitate), or like each other. The worst limitations of software and synthesis instruments are in the interface.

      1. mmm… maybe
        , but its nothing really new…

        its just n mpc on a touchscreen.

        its an old concept on a new device.

        but yeah… enjoy it if u like it.

        1. It’s a big deal if you’ve never had an MPC and if you can’t afford to drop 1K on an MPC.

          Do you think it’s bad that technology is making things more affordable for musicians and giving us more options, or something?

          1. not at all, i love technology and i love the democratization of it.

            All i said was, that samples are so 80’s and the future should be synthesis as i said:

            lighter , not gigs of samples just a few bytes as are patches

            can reproduce any acousting sound ( native instruemts are a leading company who creates sounds they can do it )

            and it also can create more non acousting souds..

            that was all..

      1. No, not because you don’t share a point of view – it’s because your point of view is dismissive, full of opinion, and light on any facts, judgements, or explanations on your part. You sound like a school yard punk telling the other kids how lame they are… this knowledgeable tidbit really helped the conversation – ‘but yeah… enjoy it if u like it.’

        Good job, Kanye.

        1. You are right.. my ego jump in there, i apologyse…

          my real point was about the pros of synthesis said above.

          peace out.

  2. made a quick beat just to test this out. Cannot get it to export to soundcloud, though. just keeps on rendering audio. When I click cancel, after 5 minutes or so, it starts playing and is stuck on a note.

  3. Nanostudio is the ish!!!!!! I just got the alesis io dock yesterday and I now have a MPC ipad except with balanced in’s/out’s/ video out etc….. It’s the BOMB!!!

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