The MacBeth Mk1 Vortext Synth (Battery-Powered Sneak Preview)

Ken MacBeth his new MacBeth Mk1 Vortex synthesizer prototype, running on a couple of 9V batteries.

Why 9V batteries?

When the zombie apocalypse is upon us and the power grid goes down for the last time, you’ll know why.

Here’s what MacBeth has to say about it, though:

This vid gives a short demonstration of the quality of sound driving this thing straight from 2 x 9V batteries!

To the left of the synth, you can see wires attached to the two batteries. For me- very interesting as the synth stay in tune very well here.

Also tech folks please note- there are neither smoothing capacitiors or regulators of any kind used here!

The batteries at this point were sitting at around the 8.5V mark!

9 thoughts on “The MacBeth Mk1 Vortext Synth (Battery-Powered Sneak Preview)

  1. When the zombie apocalypse is upon us and the power grid goes down for the last time, you’ll know why. ahahhaaahaah laughted for 15 minutes

  2. he uses companies that are involved in the arms trade, and of course if we think that is bollox , then we are liberal wankers (and not working class people who value the rebelious nature of music)
    So I would rather different machines.
    (he mentions the companies he uses on his site and tries to fall back on the fact the companies also make health service equipment) such ‘sophisticated’ reasoning.

    1. Can you provide a reference, or additional details about the specific companies? I looked on Ken Macbeth’s website for such information but couldn’t find anything. If true, it’s a valid criticism, but it just seems like slander at this point…

  3. Unless the 9v batteries are also running the PA, the post apocalypse will be limited to ear buds. Wank away. Woo ha.

  4. Wankery, sorry but that want musical, would never ever work in any track, and it sounds squeaky and thin. kind of like my monotribe! Lol. Oh and uh make love not war, don’t eat the brown acid, etc.

  5. To some erlier comebts…. Seems like there is a problem with the recording/playback…. But… It’s working off batteries FFS!! Thats the point. get it?

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