Free Ableton Live Rack – Dirty Trumpet & Drum

AfroDJMac sends word of another free Live Rack:

AfroDJMac’s Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack has turned 30 weeks old. To celebrate the milestone, I’m putting out a rack shared with me by electronic friend JM-DG ( ). He sent along samples of an old trumpet, with plenty of character. Be warned: this is no pristine, perfect, orchestra ready sound!

I’ve taken his work and racked it up with some additional effects and tuning to make it a bit more playable. JM-DG also included a musical demo, which comes with the download. I have chopped and sliced his drums to midi, giving you a drum rack of nice sounds to play with as well. I hope you have fun with it and enjoy!

Full details and the download are available at the AfroDJMac site.

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