Hotkey Matrix Music Controller

Hotkey Matrix MIDI Controller

The Hotkey Matrix is a custom USB controller for Pro Tools that features a matrix of 144 dedicated keys that are color-coded and mapped to the most commonly used ProTools commands and functions.

The underlying principle of the Hotkey Matrix is that each key is dedicated to a single function or command.


  • 144 dedicated keys laid out in an 8 x 19 matrix. Each key is mapped to a specific ProTools command or function.
  • Built on an commercial grade keyboard manufactured by Cherry: Each key is rated at over 50 Million presses.
  • USB plug-and-play, no software is required. Full functionality is enabled through your Mac OS X system settings.
  • Keys are color-coded and grouped by functionality for quick and ergonomic access.
  • Specific functions have been carefully selected to be the most useful and reflect years of real world production at DNA Music Labs.
  • Shortcuts are optimized to cover a major areas of functioning in Pro Tools including:editing, selecting, nudging, windows and layout,  zooming, file menu functions, track and playlist, MIDI composition.
  • Compatible with all versions of Pro Tools 9 on Mac OS. (Pro Tools 8 is supported except for two shortcuts).
  • One year warranty.

Windows support is ‘coming soon’.

The Hotkey Matrix is $259.99 at the DNAMusicLabs site.

One thought on “Hotkey Matrix Music Controller

  1. Looks like it would be handy, but wouldn’t something that was dynamic, like a custom iPad MIDI controller or a touchscreen controller, be easier to use and offer more flexibility?

    What do you do when they add features to that aren’t on your keyboard?

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