Rain Computers Debuts Nimbus M2 Audio + Video Workstation

Rain Computers NimbusRain Computers has released the Nimbus M2, ‘do-anything’ Windows multi-media workstation. The Nimbus M2 offers a 6-core processor, NVIDIA Quadro 600 Workstation Video Card and 8GB or 16GB of memory out of the box.

“The idea was to design the Swiss Army Knife equivalent of a workstation. Something just as good at crunching guitar tracks as it was at figuring out the lighting in a 3D model.” commented Kevin Jacoby, Rain Computers CEO. “But we also wanted it to be really affordable so we could offer it to the next generation of creative geniuses. We definitely got there and that’s the part we’re most excited about.”

Of particular note is the ability to expand the Nimbus M2 to 32 gigabytes of memory, the external hard drive bay allowing for a fast “hot swap” drive to be installed, and a cooling system that combines modular cooling fans with advanced acoustic insulation.

Nimbus M2 Multimedia Workstation is available now starting at $1599 through the Rain Custom Shop at RainComputers.com.

7 thoughts on “Rain Computers Debuts Nimbus M2 Audio + Video Workstation

  1. What so special, being a Mac user myself, is that Rain makes things for musicians. I have used their Windows systems and I have to admit, out of the box they do run very well for a Windows based music computer. If it were for the price I wouldnt mind having one to Hackintosh the sucker, but for the price Id rather get a MacPro and baffle it myself and yes, you can build the exact same computer very inexpensively yourself. Your just paying the price if you dont know how to do such things. That said, if I built a windows system I doubt I would go this route….I like XP still…But being that I can build a computer, Rain does make the quality I would expect from my own build.

  2. Rain makes quality stuff, I tried one out once, and it was pretty good. However, as the poster above me states (correctly, I might add!) that one could easily save a good deal of money on literally the same exact specs by building a machine themselves. While I realize that not everyone knows how to build a computer, it’s important to learn to do so and can save someone a good amount of cash in the process, perhaps allowing for enough cash to get a few new plugins or maybe a new piece of hardware.

  3. I will never use Windows ever again. I feel sorry for manufacturers that make really nice builds but then have to put a complete piece of shit OS on it and fuck it up.

  4. i won’t really comment to the validity of this particular machine as it mentions nothing about it’s audio card or if it even has one… I will say that anyone can run Windows 7 on a multi-core machine with 8, 16 or 32 GB of RAM and get great results recording music as long as they also have a rock solid audio card solution either internal or externally… Sure it would be great if we all could spend $2k-3k on our computers but these days it’s more true that many of us can’t. There is, however, many options no matter what platform you’re on. Would we all prefer $3k MacPro’s with all the trimmings? Maybe, most likely, yes… But to just write off a whole section of people happily making music on a non-Mac platform is just foolish or elitist at best. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not a valid option.

  5. looking at the specs, this has no audio interface, so how is it built for audio? it’s an average desktop. a decent self-built ‘gaming rig’ will be cheaper, more powerful and customisable. It’s bizarre how they’re marketing at these for musicians yet provide no pro audio/midi interfaces with them out of the box….

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