MidiBridge MIDI Router Adds Open Music App Collaboration Support

Audeonic Apps has updated MidiBridge – a utility designed to interconnect all types of MIDI interfaces (external, virtual and network) on an iOS device.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

  • supports virtual MIDI to interconnect OMAC* compatible apps (Open Music App Collaboration)
  • backgroundable
  • jitter/sync mode
  • fixes bug where events going to wrong output
  • minor bug fixes and improvements

Supported external interfaces include Line6 Midi Mobilizer I and Midi Mobilizer II, IK Multimedia iRig MIDI and all other CoreMIDI devices that are compatible with iOS via the USB camera kit on iPad. For CoreMIDI support, iOS 4.2 or greater is required. Now also supports virtual CoreMIDI interfaces.

MidiBridge is $8.99 and is available in the App Store.

Use MidiBridge to:

  • Connect any external MIDI equipment to a remote computer or other iOS device (iOS > 4.2) wirelessly
  • Interconnect MIDI interfaces of other apps and filter/split/merge
  • Clone MIDI data from any input to any set of outputs
  • Filter incoming MIDI data on each input
  • Filter outgoing MIDI data on each output
  • Merge incoming inputs to one or more outputs
  • Split incoming MIDI data (using filters) across any set of outputs

Other features:

  • Backgroundable
  • Jitter Reduction/Sync feature
  • Events can be filtered by type (Note/Program/Controller/Sysex/Aftertouch/TimeSong) and MIDI channel
  • MIDI interface ports can be given a user friendly name
  • Initiates CoreMIDI network connections from your iOS device
  • Visual indication of what is connected to where at all times
  • Visual indication of MIDI events received, sent and blocked
  • Visual indication of CoreMIDI network connections
  • Highlight all connections to/from any MIDI input or output.
  • Keeps track of your MIDI interfaces and restores connections/filters automatically
  • MidiBridge is delivered as a universal binary so purchase once and run on all iOS devices you own
  • Streamlined efficient code passes/filters events very quickly

Suggested uses for MidiBridge include:

  • Use the original Line6 Midi Mobilizer with newer apps. Other app must be backgroundable and have CoreMIDI Net/Virtual support as MidiBridge must remain in foreground. (Midi Mobilizer I limitation)
  • Connect your battery operated keyboard/drum controller into your iOS device and connect it wirelessly to perform on stage with no cables.
  • Connect a MIDI transport surface wirelessly to your computer and move around your studio controlling your DAW transport with no cables.
  • Duplicate MIDI events from one external device to another and to a remote MIDI destination wirelessly at the same time.
  • Use as an inline MIDI filter, cloner, merger or splitter
  • Connect apps that have CoreMIDI network support but no virtual MIDI support to virtual ports by connecting to ‘localhost’ to create a loopback virtual interface.

7 thoughts on “MidiBridge MIDI Router Adds Open Music App Collaboration Support

    1. There’s a bit of feedback on MidiBridge over at http://musicapps.com.br (you’ll need a bit of google translate if you don’t speak Portugese) where a number of users have reported positive results, especially with being able to use the Midi Mobilizer I with newer apps.

      Ultimately though, if you download the app and it doesn’t work as well as you like it is possible to get a refund from the iTunes store, but we would hope that anyone experiencing problems would contact us first in case it is an issue that can be solved 🙂

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