Analogue Solutions Concussor Modular Synth Drum Modules

Reader Jason sent word of this video – a quick look at the Analogue Solutions Concussor line of modular synth drum modules.

This video features a brief overview of some of the Concussor drum modules in use. The modules are being triggered via the MT9, MIDI-TRIG module from Analogue Solutions.

The GT8, 8-step gate sequencer is also featured at the onset, triggering the modules via clock from the Oberkorn MK3 analogue sequencer (Ice Machine edition).

Additionally, the latest Leipzig synthesizer (Leipzig-s) is featured throughout the video running its internal 8-step sequencer (time triggered via MIDI clock in this example). The Leipzig-s provides the bulk of the ‘sonic architecture’ in the video, with a few ancillary synths thrown in for good measure. Music was created to offer an overview of the drum modules in a musical bed.

As usual, all music is 100% analogue and 100% original.

Details on the modules at the AS site.

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  1. I’m loving these AS videos. I recently picked up a Telemark and Oberkorn and I couldn’t be happier. Very nice.

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