Livid Cell & CellDNA v2.5 Now Available

Livid Instruments has released version 2.5 of both Cell and CellDNA.

Here’s what’s new….

Livid Cell And CellDNA 2.5

One of the main features that they both share is a powerful SQLite database built into the browser so producers can tag, comment, and search for clips on any drive for immediate recall and playback.

CellDNA has some extra control features. On OSX computers, the output can be sent and received via Syphon to other Syphon-enable software for projection mapping or additional mixing. Networking is built-in allowing for multiple computers running multiple screens.

For Ableton Live users, the free CellDNA-Control Max for Live plugin provides tightly integrated video with their audio tracks, using audio, MIDI, automation, and controller data from Live to remotely control CellDNA on the same machine, or over a network.

CellDNA can also be expanded by users by using the intuitive visual programming environment, Max from Cycling ’74. All effects and extras in CellDNA are open source and can be modified by the user, or used as an educational tool. Video and control patches can be created using the CellDNA SDK, offering an unprecedented level of user customization.

Both programs feature extensive MIDI integration. A user-editable template system means any Livid MIDI controller and the Akai APC20 and APC40 can be plugged in and mixing instantly. More controllers will be added throughout the year. Up to six MIDI controllers can be mapped to almost anything, so any pile of controllers can be turned into a sophisticated video mixer.

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