Korg Monotribe Version 2 – How To Update & What’s New

Korg has released this series of videos that explains how to update your Monotribe to version 2, what’s new and how to use the new features.

See our previous Monotribe 2 post for details on the update. The update is a free download from the Korg site.

The next video looks at 16-step sequencing with the Monotron:

The next video is a double-whammy, covering Sequence Volume and individual Active Steps for each part, which let you create more detailed patterns:

The update also adds drum rolls and the sample and hold feature:

Finally, the last video looks at daisy-chaining with the Korg Monotron 2 update:

8 thoughts on “Korg Monotribe Version 2 – How To Update & What’s New

    1. It failed to update on the first go, then i turned up the volume a couple of notches and it worked.
      I used an Audio Kontrol 1 audio interface. I don’t know how important signal to noise ratio is but it’s probably not insignificant.

    2. 3 things to try –
      1 – increase the volume, as someone else has suggested.
      2 – Use battery for both monotribe and whatever your playing the file on. Cheap mains adaptors send a nasty hum down the audio lines, and the majority of laptop power supplies are appalling. Anything using a lo-ion battery should be run on battery.
      3 – Silly one this, but are you sure your using a stereo cable and not a mono one?
      (just asking 🙂 it’s a silly mistake most of us make at some time….)
      Good luck – it’s worth the effort

      1. This type of analog data transfer is monaural, even though it is two-channel. The mono cable will work just fine in stereo jacks because the Ring and Sleeve of the stereo jack will be shorted out (ring to gnd) by the sleeve of the mono cable connector, leaving the other channel (tip) active.

        There may be some other signal level considerations causing a recommendation to use a stereo cable: indeed, we have seen multiple reports around the intertubes about setting the volume just right.


  1. wouldn’t work with pc – wouldn’t work thru ipod –

    DID work when ran the ipod thru a cheap mini mixer – and that was a mono output …

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