MacBeth Studio Systems Vortex Keyboard Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Saturday Synth Porn: MacBeth Studio Systems’ Ken MacBeth has released a couple of teaser shots of his prototype for the ‘all analogue’ Macbeth Mk1 VORTEX Keyboard Synthesizer, a new monophonic analog synth.

Macbeth Vortex keyboard synthesizer

Here’s a video demo of the MacBeth Vortex in action:

Specs and availability are to come, but MacBeth says that ‘the sound is top, featuring a pure analogue circuits keyboard” and that he hopes to be able to build it at “just under the £2KGBP mark.”

20 thoughts on “MacBeth Studio Systems Vortex Keyboard Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. I’m selling my Blue Voyager to buy this. Macbeth stuff is one of the synth products that sounds as good as it costs, and actually increases in price the longer you own one. No brainier. Buy that ish.

  2. Ken uses arms companies for his parts. Think that is pretty crap really. I would rather buy other brands than support him , while he is using arms trade parts . Maybe not everyone’s concern, but to me and others the arms trade link with Ken Mac Beth is pretty much sick.

    1. You are either a troll or an idiot.
      We’ve been through this whole thing before:he uses “military spec” components, which means they have a close tolerance to their stated value.
      Has nothing to do with arms companies…

    2. I love idiots like this one! Dude, even without his demand for those parts, those parts ARE made. I rather have those parts end up in a synth than in a fucking missile. His demand for the parts are not even big enough to have those army suppliers notice him, so he isn’t creating a demand on its own, is all I am saying. You idiot! Without the technology push from the american army your life wouldn’t be the same. You wouldn’t have had the internet to be an idiot on! Merry Christmas my ignorant fellow human being.

  3. I’ve seen this post before, about Ken using arm companies as suppliers. I’m curious as to what synth parts an arms company would provide? And are these arms companies not the same ones our government’s give our tax dollars to?

    I like arms and synths, go Macbeth go!

  4. Check is website, not the best thing for him to advertise given a lot of musicians are against war .
    You like arms? well then you can cuddle up with Kenny boy, maybe do a bit of arse wrestling together.
    He (Kenny Macbollock)is a perhaps as cultured and well read as your good self.

  5. I have contacted Mc Beth about other machines, he doesn’t replay to his emails.
    It is funny how he want’s to use the net as a tool for his business then doesn’t even answer enquiry’s for his synthesiser’s.

  6. @ analogue freak. He replied to me. Are you sure you spelled his address correctly?

    @ others.

    1. I don’t like presets I like to record and move on.
    2. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Shame.
    3. Guns don’t kill people…. people do.

  7. Ok, so MacBeth uses “milspec” parts, which doesn’t mean “made by arms manufacturers.” But, you know, almost all synthesizers use parts made by electronics companies who may also sell to arms companies–thereby profiting from the arms trade. By buying synthesizers, your are actually supporting these suppliers, who make the arms trade possible. So people who are really concerned about this issue better not buy any more synthesizers. Or any technology, for that matter.

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