Synth Jam – Music Of The Spheres 2

Sunday Synth Jam: Bruno Ender Lee, aka Velvet Voyage, creates a space music synthscape, Music of the Spheres 2, using a modular synthesizer and a variety of vintage and modern gear.

Technical details:

Performed live by Bruno Ender Lee; December 10. 2011.

MacBeth M5N, ARP Odyssey (& Doepfer MAQ), Studio-88, Moog Little Phatty Stage II, Analogue Solutions Vostok, Korg Polysix, Korg MS-2000 and Absynth 4.

2 thoughts on “ Synth Jam – Music Of The Spheres 2

  1. Wow! lots of keyboards to create a very layered structure. The analogue units really add a thick texture to the sound. Are you using an ARP Odessy for the sample and hold (between the and the ?Doephler? Congradulations for assembling such a rich piece.
    I’m just starting a .com portable. Looking forward to creating some of the same textures. Check me out on “Harrisontate.” Will do the same to see if you have any pieces in the cloud. Or is this your first?



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