Beatmaking With Triple A (Episode 5)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures some of the beatmaking process used by reader Andrew “Triple A”, starting with a short sample and using it as a jumping off point for improvisation and production.

The video also shows how recording live instruments – in this case, sax, guitars, bass, piano and percussion – can transform a riff.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

via Triple A

11 thoughts on “Beatmaking With Triple A (Episode 5)

  1. He’s fortunate to have a real piano in the studio. I’d throw out the beat and chopped up samples and just go with the instrumental tracks. Make some funky stuff.

  2. Sure, his sampling technique is not very strong, but rough crowd here! They just kinda seem like kids that go to a rich music school. Not very street, or edgy, but that’s ok. I like the real instruments involved. There is always room for different kinds of music.

  3. This is the first vid in a long time that I’ve seen on Synthtopia with some funk to it…dont be hating on that man because hes not using some 8bit sounding analog synth with tangled ass patch cords coming out of it…I bet
    y’all are mad because you dont have a dope studio with a city skyline view…im kinda jealous myself.

  4. weak. the head bobbing is funny. i guess he thinks if he looks like he’s “into” in, then we will be as well.


    just another wannabe producer.

  5. Weak ass pretenders wanna be stuff. Head bobbing is off the hook tho.

    Isn’t there a godzillion of these “beats” ? I’d say quit this shit and get a real job kid.

  6. How about some constructive criticism rather than just invective?

    I almost always enjoy videos of how songs are put together, and also hearing individual parts broken out.

    It’s also interesting to hear synthesizers and samples mixed with live instruments. I was just listening to synth brass played against acoustic brass in a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas song – it’s a fascinating, almost psychedelic sound.

    Anyway, thanks Andrew for submitting your video for public derision on synthtopia.

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