The Pulp Logic Monotron-E (Eurorack Module)

When Korg introduced the Monotron analog ribbon synth at Musikmesse last year, a lot of readers were happy to see Korg release an analog synth….but thought that that it would have been really awesome if they’d included MIDI, CV inputs or a full-size, velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard.

For those readers – check out the Pulp Logic Monotron-E, a Eurorack conversion of the Korg Monotron.

The Monotron-E adds control voltage inputs for the VCO & VCF, outputs for the LFO, VCO and audio out.

See the Erthenvar site for details.

Here are the details on the unboxing & demo video:

signal path :

midi out from alesis iodock running

killpatrick Audio K1600 midi to cv

cv2 out is split :
WMD gamma wave source 1v/oct
monotron-e vco 1v/oct

WMD gamma wave source
out 1 + out 2 are stacked
and sent to the
vcf input of the monotron-e

monotron-e audio out + vco out
sent to
input 1 and input 2 of ensoniq dp4

i have added 30% delay + 30% phaser to the mix

MFB seq 02 is running free
CG2 triggering WTcv2 of WMD gamma wave source

this unit has lots of potential !!!
sounds much hotter than the original monotron
… the LFO out adds a very useful option … yet to be explored

Video by: FSK1138

11 thoughts on “The Pulp Logic Monotron-E (Eurorack Module)

  1. Love my monotron. Not got round to starting a modular…. Definitely want to expand my Telemark at some point. Elektron Monomachine first though.

  2. i got #9 of the first 10 units shipped
    – i am going to get the duo and delay in euro when they come out –
    it sounds better(hotter) than the original monotron
    — a bunch of these and you got yourself a sweet little modular

    1. I agree! I love seeing new gear and all that, but watching someone take things out of a box is mistaking the map for the territory. An unhealthy side effect that comes from decades of conditioning from marketers, and a true sign that we have totally bought in to the bs.

  3. You can buy $300 monotrons but not a $15 Tripod? C’mon son. lol Show off your gear the right way. I wanted to give props to your vid but comments and rating was disabled.

  4. I don’t get it. Wouldn’t the average modular synth already have a VCO, LFO and LPF? Is the sound of the Monotron already a sonic icon?

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