Win A Nektar Panorama Controller For Propellerhead Reason (2012 NAMM Show Preview)

2012 NAMM Show: California-based startup Nektar has officially announced the Panorama P4, a dedicated control keyboard for Propellerhead Reason. (We had a sneak preview of the Panorama P4 Reason controller in October.)

Between now and the 2012 NAMM Show, Nektar is offering you a chance to win the first Nektar Panorama P4 off the production line. Here’s what they say about the contest:

The rules are simple: Answer the questions below and submit the form including your real name and email address. Only one submission is permitted per person. Multiple submissions by one person will result in that persons entry being void.

The competition will run until the end of January and if more than one submission got all questions right, we’ll pick the winner through a random draw. There is at least one question we don’t even know the answer to yet, so you just have to make a good guess.

By entering this competition you agree that we may email you about the outcome of the competition as well as advise you when Panorama is shipping. And in case you are wondering, we we still expect Panorama to ship in Q1 2012 but can’t announce a final date yet.

See the Nektar site for details.

Pricing and availability are still to be announced.

4 thoughts on “Win A Nektar Panorama Controller For Propellerhead Reason (2012 NAMM Show Preview)

  1. This looks great from what I can see so far. Great to see them going with a premium feature set–I’m all for great hardware / software integrated solutions. The teasers are killing me though!

  2. It was about time guys now well have the control on everything on are software,this has being a dream for all reason users all around the world why simply because we have being force to adapt to other hardware foreign to propellerheads concepts.

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