Windows IE 9 Layout Looks Funky, Commenting Broken On Mac Firefox

Broken Computer Screen

A couple of users have sent feedback that the site layout looks funky in Windows IE 9 and that commenting isn’t working correctly in at least some versions of Firefox on the Mac.

I’ll try to get this addressed as soon as possible. I’ll need to duplicate the issue and try to get it resolved.

If you’re a CSS/browser guru and have tips on addressing these issues, let me know via the Feedback form. Of course, if you’re a CSS/browser guru and you use Firefox on the Mac, that might sort of be a Catch-22…….

Thanks for the feedback – please keep it coming!

12 thoughts on “Windows IE 9 Layout Looks Funky, Commenting Broken On Mac Firefox

  1. Great! I was writing this at the present time:

    «Synthopia staff, it’s almost impossible to view your website nowadays. It’s full of break lines, horrible coding, etc. Please, make a better version of it. I can’t even comment with my current browser (IE9) and I had to get Firefox portable app instead, so that I could make a comment.

    Synthopia is getting worst and worst in terms of design and navigability.

    Such a pity to see a great website, with so many potential to explore, in this situation. Solve it! Open a contest to viewers, fans, to redesign the website, something, but at least improve, because it’s getting annoying day after day!»

    Great that you already spot the problems with the website.


  2. Hey guys, you should use a proper browser instead of this IE shit. No problems with FF. Even the Linux / KDE browser Reqonk works fine.

  3. Yep, and its again broken on Safari for iPad.
    Without “Cyperspace” (alternative iOS browser — in text mode), its unreadable; the sidebars protrude over the middle content area.

    1. Ok, given that some people have the site working on an iPad, I’ve done some more digging.

      I’ve turned off an upstream proxy-cache => no difference
      I’ve cleared Safari’s cache => no difference

      The only think I can add is this in on an iPad 1, running iOS 4.3.3 => Mobile Safari 5.0.2

  4. so many browsers, smar phones, tablets etc these days with their different interpretations of HTML etc. must be hard. at last the synthtopia guys are on the case! ps … the feedback form fields on IE 8 are wonky and no submit button appears. I just tab and hit enter and hope for the best! 🙂

  5. On the desktop (Mac),

    FF4.0.1 is mostly ok… just a bit of text in the left sidebar “82 queries. 0.595 seconds.” that seemed out of place.

    FF9 doesn’t have that problem.

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