QuNeo Controller Meets Ableton Live (Sneak Preview)

Remember our recent post on the Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo?

A lot of readers were skeptical about the QuNeo because it’s being funded as a KickStarter (internet collaborative funding) project.

Since we posted on the QuNeo, though, the project has raised $117,000 of its $15,000 goal. So, its development is funded and, as this video demonstrates, the QuNeo promises to be a different type of controller.

All sliders, rotaries and switches are pressure sensitive allowing QuNeo to understand double taps, swipes and other gestures that standard hardware controllers cannot sense.

Or as McMillen puts it, “The 3rd Dimension is very useful.”

The QuNeo is priced at $200. You can find out more about the QuNeo at McMillen’s Kickstarter site.

5 thoughts on “QuNeo Controller Meets Ableton Live (Sneak Preview)

  1. Looks awesome. And very portable unlike my apc 40. I wonder if it will be easy to set up with live as I am not very adept at using open source gear yet. Very excited about expressive capabilities!

  2. Now this looks more like it! I had a problem with their earlier promo video which chopped up its “user testimonies” in a rather blatant manner but now this thing actually looks like it exists. And it really looks like something interesting.

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