8 thoughts on “Introduction to Synthesis (Retro 80’s View)

  1. This is actually a really good video! The principles are just as sound as anything I’ve heard before (for an introduction into synthesis). He’s got a good voice and good teaching style. Give it a watch!

  2. This video was made in 1985 ? The into shows a Korg M1, and correct me if I am wrong but wasn’t the Korg M1 manufactured between 1988 & 1994 ? if so, how could this video be
    made in 1985 ? I’m confused.

  3. The synths in the freeze frame image above are the Roland Alpha Juno-1 and the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600. Due to the Alpha being present, this dates the video at late 1985 at the “soonest.”

  4. Still an incredibly useful series to watch if you want to learn the basics, really nice that someone found it and encoded it!

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