iPad Scratching With DJ Rig + iRig MIX

2012 NAMM Show: IK Multimedia has introduced a pair of iOS DJ products:

  • iRig Mix; a new mobile DJ mixer for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; and
  • DJ Rig, a new iOS DJ app.

iRig MIX is the first mobile mixer for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices. iRig MIX offers the same controls you would expect from a professional DJ mixer (crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls, etc.) in an ultra-compact mobile mixer that can be used with a variety of iOS DJ mixing and other apps.


  • 2 stereo inputs with gain, bass, treble and volume controls, independent cue on each channel with LED indication and channel cross-fader
  • Instrument/microphone/extra input with volume control can be processed by iOS apps (such as AmpliTube, VocaLive)
  • Stereo output with RCA connectors, master level and LED meters
  • Headphone output for master or cue monitoring with independent volume control
  • Input switch splits Input 1 into dual-mono for use with DJ mixing apps on a single iOS device
  • “X-Sync” mode allows auto-sync with any audio source using the included DJ Rig free app
  • Can also be powered with battery packs and mobile chargers
  • Includes 4 free apps: DJ Rig, AmpliTube, VocaLive, GrooveMaker

IK Multimedia also has introduced DJ Rig – a double-deck DJ mixing app for iPhone.


  • Direct access to iPod library and playlists
  • Automatic fast BPM detection with OnTempo auto-sync technology
  • Drag and zoom of waveform display
  • Deck controls: Volume, Pitch, 3-Band kill EQ, headphones and cross fader
  • Automatic looping, create loops with tempo divisions always to the beat
  • Live recorder allows to record full mixing gigs
  • Supports all major audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
  • Landscape and portrait interfaces
  • Customizable deck interface
  • Free version also available
  • Effects deck with XY touch interface and 12 effects: Delay, Flanger, Crush, Filter High Pass, Filter Low Pass, Filter Band Pass, Compressor, Wah, Phaser, Fuzz, Reverb, Stutter
  • X-Sync mode detects the BPM from external audio sources in real time and automatically sync the tempo of internal decks to external devices
  • On-the-fly sampler machine with 9 pads on 4 banks plus expandable high-quality sample libraries and live sampling functionality
  • Accurate scratching engine modeled on real deck behavior with CloneDeck™ technology, for scratching with cut to the beat like a pro
  • 4 visual cue points per song
  • 3 crossfader curves available
  • Auto level detect and adjust of the level of each songs for always the perfect balance between decks
  • Crossfade EQ allows fading between decks with bass or high filters for smooth and perfect transitions
  • Multiple output configurations to work with any kind of audio setup

iRig Mix is priced at $99.99. DJ Rig will have free and commercial versions. Pricing and availability are to be announced.

14 thoughts on “iPad Scratching With DJ Rig + iRig MIX

  1. thats the most cost effective setup i have seen. oh wait you could just buy a real set of tables for 1100$ i mean sure you can use the ipads for other things but who needs 2 let alone 1.

    1. Agreed, this kind of setup seems more like a gimmick for the crowds. I don’t see why you would want to have two iPads instead of having hardware. Tactile control is most important in my opinion.

  2. 2 things:

    1. That is fake scratching. There is no touch sensitivity, therefore it would be impossible to do tricks like that on an iPad. Those are presets or samples being triggered by a too small jogwheel. As a turntablist, this just pisses me off. No serious scratch DJ would choose to work on or support this. As for the mixer, I doubt IK knows anything about faders, and I’d bet my NS6 that they feel bad.

    2. I’m seriously not trolling here: This is the dumbest DJ product I have seen in a while. This is almost as bad as when the iDJ ipod mixer came out a few years ago and it had no sync OR pitch control on it. It offers no advantage over any other product in the price range. It looks ridiculous. Anyone with the cash for 2 ipads will have $ for a real DJ system.

    The issue is this:
    if it is being marketed as a toy, it is over-priced and only targeted at the small 2 ipad owning market.

    if it is being marketed to pros, the people at IK should know better. 2 iPads and this is MORE expensive than a pro controller… The tactile feedback is wrong. It’s clumsy looking and doesn’t really scratch… the video looks like it was meant to trick hipsters into thinking that turntablism is easy. It’s actually kind of insulting.

  3. They love to demo their crapps on the iPad in 2x mode and need to be shot for that scratch sample they are using in the demo. Stick to PC software, because we don’t need this “iRig” spam in the iOS music community. We want to move forward not backward with usless hardware attatchments. Steve Jobs would not like this. lol

  4. Lol, not wise to diss apps and products one has not tried…

    iPad dj apps can be touch sensitive

    The death of vynil and CDs is hard for some to take..

    1. You obviously aren’t a scratch DJ. From a user interface standpoint, it is technically impossible to scratch with the same dexterity or expressiveness. Creating a promo video where fake scratching is showcased, and then stating that it is “pro dj” is just absurd. That’s like telling a producer that Appleloop libraries are just as pro as writing your own music.

      Vinyl and CDs ARE dead… they have been replaced by far more capable controllers by the likes of Vestax, Numark, and NI. This product is not one of those devices.

      I’m not saying that a touchscreen is bad for DJs. There are plenty of great touchscreen products out for dance DJs and Controllerists. BUT… for real turntablists/scratch DJs, this IK thing is useless.

  5. I think it looks pretty cool. Plus its dual deck mode on 1 iPad shows you don’t need 2 iPads. You an also use your current decks with it and an iOS device. For the price point all I see is wiiiiin! I’ll be buying one for sure!

  6. @goku

    I saw a dj who has jammed for krs1 and public enemy just two years ago let rip on my iPad and do crazy things without even an external mixer on a couple of basic toylike scratch dj apps, so what to speak of having an external mixer. A true dj can use almost any tools to get the desired effect, even a belt drive deck, yes a damned belt drive deck, even I’ve done it slthought it’s not the preferred tool of choice

    If it can host tracks, has a pitch control and a crossfader it CAN be used and I can say that a touch screen device also can be used, I’ve seen it done, Ik told me today that the video is not fake, doesn’t look fake to me, not the best turntablist I’ve seen but not too bad

    The Ik mixer is basic, but it has a crossfader and that’s what counts, and they have an app coming out with two decks so you only need one iPad although I would actually prefer two for this job as that means each deck is bigger.

    I don’t think anyone is saying you’ll win a dmc championship with iPads, but with the new glass that’s coming out for touchscreens, maybe it will be even more sensitive

    Why not just stand back and see and not diss? The mixer looks simple but neat and for an iPad to have an external mixer could be a good thing not just for doing but to link two separate apps such as two different synth apps or even a generative app and then a synth or sampler for live performances?

  7. And lol, I’m not really a scratch dj anymore, I’ve moved on, that’s 1980s business with breaks and all that, I would scratch only occasionally on a set but to be honest, times have changed and it’s more about making atmospherics in the mix but nothing wrong with those that wish to carry on that sacred tradition 🙂

    1. alright! I’ve read these comments and it seems everyone is pretty divided on this! I’m also on the fence! of course this isnt the best setup for a real dj, but it does have some advantages! for me because I’m trying to become a scratch dj and be able to create remixes! so when I asked my buddy to show me how to mix and scratch he said okay! but it was to complicated to get a hold of without being able to bring his setup home to practice! then he found dj rig! it was easy to use and figure out! plus we both have Ipad 2, so he was able to show me how to mix! but scratching was different! but when he was explaing it on dj rig it made it easier to figure out when we went to a real setup! the only thing he didnt like is how you couldn’t isolate vocals or just the beats, but he also said it’s excellent for making massh-ups! which we are both not fans of! we gave it a 3.5 out of 5! we where being generous though! we also think it does have a place in always growing dj enviroment as it is a good teaching tool and learning tool for dj’s like me who are just starting out! also on another note we did not buy the mixer because we just use dj rig in landscape setting so we see both decks and if you register dj rig you get an eq!
      “let’s unite and spin this world like a turntable” -gavin “dj lyfe” koppell, incubus

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