NAMM Rumors (2012)

2012 NAMM Show RumorsBuzz is starting to heat up for the 2012 NAMM Show.

We’ve already seen a few teasers and leaks, including:

That’s a lot of gear from a show that hasn’t started yet.

But we’ve heard a lot of NAMM rumors, too…..

Here are a few of the NAMM rumors that we’ve heard:

  • Akai will have a new keyboard to introduced;
  • Alesis will be introducing new iOS keyboards and controllers;
  • Dave Smith will be showing new features for the Tempest drum synth;
  • Digitech will introduce a new multi-effect pedal;
  • A new Kurzweil flagship synthesizer (Kurzweil 3000?);
  • Korg will have a new micro keyboard (microGrand?) and a new synth module;
  • Line 6 is going to be launching ‘the most significant products in the history of the company’;
  • Metasonix will introduce a virtual tube effect for the iPad – the Reamulator;
  • Project Ultra – a new DJ controllerist style MIDI controller;
  • Thunderbolt audio interfaces will be coming from M-Audio and MOTU;
  • Native Instruments will be missing in action
  • Nord will introduce a new organ emulator;
  • There will be a ‘surprise’ from Novation;
  • A new mega-keyboard from Roland will combine V-Piano, B3 emulation and Jupiter virtual analog engines;
  • Yamaha will have a new Tyros keyboard; and
  • Way Out Ware will have a new virtual synth app.

Have you heard any rumors about what’s coming at the NAMM Show?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think’s coming – or what you think of these NAMM rumors!

33 thoughts on “NAMM Rumors (2012)

  1. Hey, I heard Misa Digital is coming up with a Midi Controller. Is that true? Is there any way to verify? Do you guys know if they’re bringing one for the NAMM show? Thanks!

  2. Not rumors, but wishes waiting to come true
    -Ensoniq come back(was in their Wiki page, but removed) with Emu
    -Waldorf Stöberg 🙂 or Blofeld 2
    -Roland Fantom-V(Synth, not piano)
    -Korg Kronos OS V2.0. Sequencer update, micro editing, note dragging with touch screen, Touch screen knob editing, Karma 3.0
    -Access Bacteria
    -Yamaha 8op FM synth with knobs
    -Alesis Fissio, Ion 2 or Andromeda 2

  3. Things I want @ NAMM:

    MFB Dominion synth with chippman filter again

    Future Retro expander for XS

    Roland MV9000

    New Korg analog synth with ACTUAL keyboard.

    thunderbolt Audio

    Super stable Ableton Live 9

    88 key USB midi controllers that actually feel good

    M Audio Venom “knobby edition”

    NI s4 version 2, with better build quality and wheels made for scratching.

    Linndrum 2 that will embarrass the new Akai Pro crap.

  4. ken Macbeth, will be hawking his expensive gear , and will be hoping that the fact that he uses armament companies for components , will go unnoticed.
    No wonder is machines cost a bomb!!

    1. We are all meant to be thick a political sods, so no its nice to see somebody saying the arms trade stinks and people making synths with components from the arms trade is wrong!!

      1. Except, as been pointed out everytime this troll posts this, that isn’t even true.
        “Mil Spec” parts are not made for or by arms companies- it is a designation of tolerence between the rating of the part and the what is actually measured.
        The dude obviously has some sort of grudge against MacBeth, casue no one could be that stupid so many times…

        1. You haven’t even visited Macbeths site.I copied this two mins ago.
          Go and have a look.
          ‘Final components assembly is performed by Diatronassembly,
          system,who are based in Norwich England .
          Both companies supply to the medical,military and aerospace
          sectors of industrial engineering.’

  5. Wishlist:
    1. new korg electribe combining esx and emx (synth engine+sampler) plus card streaming and recording. Color: black.

    2. Mpc500 os update, so it can stream audio from CF.

    3. To be continued


    1. AKAI update their MPC OS more than once? Not a chance in hell. Get a MPC 1000 with JJ OS. I own a 500 too and love it, but NUKAI has abandoned it.

  6. I’d like to see a 64-bit Ableton Live. I love Live’s GUI/workflow, but end up using Cubase because I can actually load a full composing template…

  7. I do believe, unfortunately, that the Nord Drum thing is a ddrum like module and not a drum machine hence the “drums of the future come from past” quote. It looks much to small to be a drum machine. Oh, and since when has Clavia done anything anyone actually wants?

  8. I’m hoping for some continuity in synth design, specically, I would like to see fewer ugly paint jobs. Stick with black, grey, silver, woodgrain. My studio looks like a rainbow when I want it to look like mission control at NASA. Purple synth module? Yellow? NOOOOOoooooooooooo!!!!!!…..

    1. welll you know… with purple and yellow synth modules…you actually have the advantage of being able to market your tunes as easterstep beofre anyone else…
      you could even make a killer psychedelic video with a donny darko bunny helmet on!

  9. Ehmmm … Yamaha introducing an updated CS80, lighter, more stable, with built in digital reverb and step sequencer but with the full analog signal path and, of course, a low price !!!
    (ok, time to wake up).

  10. hello, seems the akai mpc fly link directs to the casio page 🙂

    and now let us all pray for the mpc fly beeing a slimlined ipad2sized mpc pad controller with 360knobs and transport controls, together with an ipad app that adds everything to a real mpc that the controller doesnt offer. with skins and modes from all classic mpcs, a fullscreen full featured wave/beat slicer and sampling mayhem machine 🙂

    and lets hope it does not cost more than an ipad otherwise i will continue to use the mpd24 with nanostudio 🙂

  11. I would expect that:
    – There will be no Logic X announcement, because Apple doesn’t share the spotlight.
    – About half the show will be filled with junk for the iPad, rather than the one real thing anyone wants for an iPad, which is an alternative to the Alesis IO dock.
    – There will be more $2k+ workstations that will go largely un-purchased while everyone looks for more great sounding $60 Korg products.
    – Somewhere in the corner will be a guy with an ugly guitar that does something ridiculous, like make toast and serve as a remote control for your Xbox.
    – There will be a bazillion drum machines, and everyone will still want the Maschine instead

  12. Me, I’m looking forward to teenage engineering’s offering…I’d love to see some more serious boutique companies show up. Their about the only ones coming out with fresh ideas, but we’ll see I guess. Even though I’m not interested in most of what said companies have/or about to offer, I have to say, they are step-in up their game….definatlly a nice start to 2012!!!!

  13. I keep wishing that Novation will finally introduce a multitimbral Ultranova
    with 61 semi-weighted or, even better, 88 weighted keys.

  14. i dont want to see a mono anything…. just another real electribe from korg

    i get sick of these toys they are putting out lately

  15. how about a recovery by Roland and an actual Jupiter 8 proper analog synth re-release instead of that ludicrous joke of an effort Jupiter 80/Fantom rebadge that has made them the laughing stock of the industry…

  16. “Native Instruments will be missing in action” ….. WTH do they mean by that?? :S

    is the company shutting down or evolving??

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