Sample Magic announce London Electronic Music Event lineup

Sound design company Sample Magic has announced the full line-up for the first ever London Electronic Music Event (LEME 2012). The event will feature appearances from Ben Watt, Toolroom Records, Dom Betmead (The Nextmen), SoundCloud, Hal Ritson (Dizzee Rascal), DJ Magazine and more.

The London Electronic Music Event, 18-19 Feb 2012, is a weekend of electronic music production and music business master classes, incorporating “hands-on tutorials, Q&As, round-table discussions and networking.” It takes place at Alchemea College, Angel, London.

Highlights include:

  • Toolroom Records > Building an electronic music brand.
  • Ben Watt > In conversation.
  • DJ Magazine > How to survive and thrive in today’s music industry.
  • Production workshops > Synth programming with Massive,
    Mastering alchemy: The gold standard,
    Bass and kick: A pivotal relationship,
    Mix bus processing,
    Taking dance music live,
    Songwriting and producing for the stars,
    Drum programming.
    Hands-on tutorials from author of The Secrets of House Music Production Marc Adamo and lecturer and journalist Bruce Aisher.
  • Business & Marketing sessions > Music business for the freelance musician,
    Working the blogs: The PR machine,
    Getting more from SoundCloud,
    10 things to look for in a record contract,
    The perfect team for the solo producer,
    Six ways to make money in the industry,
    Identity & branding 101.
  • PLUS… > Demo doctor, exclusive goodie bag, discount shopping,
    licenced bar, breakout networking sessions and much more.

The event takes place Sat-Sun 18-19 Feb 2012, 9.30am-9pm, at Alchemea
, London.  The event costs £140 for the weekend.  For more information, go to the event website.

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