Free Justin Bieber Super Fun Ableton Live Pack

We’ve been hard at work for the last couple of weeks, putting in the long hours to bring you the news from the Winter NAMM Show.

But we’ve been so focused on NAMM news that we totally missed some new gear that flew in ‘under the radar’ – the Paper Jamz Justin Bieber Keyboard Guitar.

We don’t know how we missed a sick cardboard axe like this, especially since you can get it for $10 at Wal-Mart.

Fortunately, AfroDJMac has his finger on the pulse of the Justin Bieber action and he brought this Bieberific bad boy to our attention:

Hey Synthtopia, Thanks for all the great coverage over the last week, it’s been pretty exciting.

Surprisingly, however, you guys have never covered one of the years hottest electronic musical instrument, the Paper Jamz Justin Bieber Keyboard Guitar ­čśë

Well don’t worry I have the scoop on it and have made it into an Ableton Live Pack consisting of a synthesizer, drum rack, some nasty samples, and a Slice to Midi preset for the enjoyment of all! There’s a gritty lo-fi charm bringing this Justin Bieber toy into Ableton and making synths and such out of it. I hope you guys like it!

Actually, listening to the demo for the┬áJustin Bieber Super Fun Ableton Live Pack, it sounds like AfroDJMac’s come up with something a bit twisted and wrong.

But, if twisted and wrong + Ableton Live + Justin Bieber is right up your alley, check out AfroDJMac’s site for the details and the download.

10 thoughts on “Free Justin Bieber Super Fun Ableton Live Pack

  1. I think that for many of us the realities of living in this crazy new world – where works from Bieber and his kind are apparently seen as “music” – is something that’s hard to swallow without kicking in violent gag reflexes. So prepare for some bitterly worded comments and some very sarcastic “thanks” for this one, but many of us are still working on seeing the bright side in all this BieberSchei├če. Glad you’re able to laugh…for now…

  2. This is a sick world, in the sense as in terrible..wherein teen idols with no talent make millions of dollars while the planet goes to rot and people starve and don’t get enough to even best their homes

    I don’t see why it is at all funny to even indirectly promote such crap

  3. Justin who…?
    My cat miaowed and dog barked recently, does that make/qualify it as a Ableton Live pack?
    BTW; Sorry, I just farted as well – is that a sound pack?

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