Brian Eno On His Broken, Knackered Synths

Think being an international super-producer and music-genre creator means you don’t have gear problems?

Think again. Here’s Brian Eno, checking out some of his vintage Yamaha DX7 synths.

Oh shite! Antediluvian objects! It’s completely knackered! Not a single thing makes a noise.”

“I used to have seven of these!” he adds. But, unfortunately, they’re all probably completely knackered…..

Footage from Arena: Brian Eno – Another Green World.

9 thoughts on “Brian Eno On His Broken, Knackered Synths

  1. So, there is like a spectrum of old Brit guys with wrecked equipment. There is Brian Eno with his wrecked synth, gently almost cursing. There is Pete Townshend with his wrecked guitar, screaming.

    All genres need more of the Townshend wavelength.

  2. I have a 25-year-old Korg workstation that’s been carted around a lot, IN A CASE and covered at home when not in use. Its still 100%. What the heck was he doing to have seven synths become knackered? I’ve never seen him soloing with a DX7 around his neck like a keytar…

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